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Dark Rides

Fun at the farm

April saw the opening of the brand new Dark Ride ‘Farm de Bang Bang’ in Nagashima Spa Land, Japan. This interactive 3D ride offers visitors a hilarious farm-themed experience, completely designed in Lagotronics Projects’ Farm Fair IP. Park World spoke to CEO Mark Beumers to find out what’s so special about it

PW: Tell me about the ride, the storyline and the overall experience? MB: From beginning to the end, the Farm Fair ride is a great and fun experience for the whole family. Once you enter the building, the main characters Horse, Cat and Rooster enthusiastically welcome you. You immediately get the feeling you are on a farm! During the pre-show the game explained by the

main characters of the Farm Fair game: Horse, Cat and Rooster. Visitors even get the opportunity to practice the game, so they can start the Farm Fair adventure with full confidence! In the meantime, Horse, Cat and Rooster explain the rules and reveal some tips how you can score many points. Once seated in one of the 10 nicely designed agricultural vehicles, the Farm Fair game begins. Visitors are

challenged to score as many points as

they can with their carrot-cannons. The ride guides you through 7 3D game scenes, taking players to different locations at the farm, such as the meadow, barn, kitchen and vegetable garden. Ending with a huge fireworks show! Every vehicle has 2 built-in score monitors, so visitors can keep track of their score during the entire ride. In the last scene, Horse, Cat and Rooster reveal the winners of the ride, showing their pictures at the same time! When leaving the ride, visitors pass by 2 big score monitors, which show their scores as well as the high scores of the day and season. This will certainly challenge them to ride & play again to improve their score and defeat their fellow-players! Not only a good story or theme ensures a great

ride experience. The technology behind it has to be of excellent quality as well: the real-time video game is based on full HD quality graphics. Targets appearing in the game show the number of points that can be scored. Once a target has been hit, it will give a visible effect to the player in real time. This is the art of interactivity and gives players the feeling of a real game in which they actually interact and change the gameplay! With 3D projectiles seemingly flying out of the shooters and into the scene, and from the screen towards players, the quality of our technology offers visitors a unique


and very realistic experience playing the lead role in their own game!

PW: Biggest challenges? MB: Our biggest challenge in this project has been to make an awesome ride inside an existing building. We had to overcome the fact that space was limited the track needed a certain space including safety area, high ceilings and supporting pillars. We had to be creative how to mount our projectors at a certain height. For this we have engineered a truss construction that made us flexible in the position of the screens. In this way we have gained the maximum output of the building and the ride. During the project there have also been some changes in the design of the queue line and exit area. Due to legislations we had some restrictions. But to get the best result for the ride we have managed to find a suitable solution for the light and sound design. As you can see, challenges are there to be solved. At Lagotronics Projects, we’d love to have a good challenge!

PW: Which other companies were involved in the project? MB:We worked together with KCA Corporation; they did the project management for the park regarding this ride. The company ART Engineering took care of the ride system.

PW: Will we see this ride anywhere else? MB: This Farm Fair themed ride will also be available for other parks. It’s a very funny, but also very general theme, which makes it suitable for parks all over the world. And of course, it can be designed custom made, as desired by the client. The Farm Fair theme can also be integrated in different kind of rides. In Bayern Park for example, the theme is integrated in the GameChanger.


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