Customers at its heart He continued: “The format of the stores hasn’t changed, but we have revised the model over the years. There’s not a massive size difference in the variations of the counters. From a customer point of view, because a lot of customers shop from multiple

whichever Screwfix store

locations, they

go in, they must get exactly the same service, product range and price, because we believe that is important to our customers. So, we worked really hard to ensure we had consistency and convenience across our whole operation.” Screwfix continues to make a

strong contribution to Kingfisher figures. The latest results showed a total sales growth of 10.4% to £802million – up 4.5% on a like-for- like basis – driven by its specialist

trade desks that serve plumbers and electricians. The business also saw strong digital growth, up 18%, including a 43% jump in sales via mobile and 21% uplift in click & collect +21%). “Screwfix itself is a very driven business and Kingfisher is very supportive of us on this,” said Mr Parsons. “I think we have got a good model that we’re rolling out now, and I think it is important that we, as we always have done, put our customer first. And Kingfisher knows this as well. It’s important that the trade customer is always at the heart of Screwfix, and we will continue to grow as we have done in the past.” Kingfisher

has announced a

number of senior appointments across

the business which saw Screwfix CEO Graham Bell replaced

“Screwfix itself is a very driven business and Kingfisher is very supportive of us on this. I think we have got a good model that we’re rolling out now” Scott Parsons

DIYWK-28SEP18-RedGorilla_Layout 1 21/09/2018 15:16 Page 1

by Kingfisher group digital director John Mewett on October 1. After making the move to Screwfix in 2006, Mr Bell led operations and property before his appointment to CEO last year. At Screwfix, he had overseen the

rapid roll-out of the Screwfix stores network, opening 60 stores a year, on average, for the past five years.

Changes at the top “With Graham leaving us, I have a lot of respect and admiration for him so I was sad to see him go,” said Mr Parsons. “However, John Mewett is a seasoned veteran of Screwfix, very passionate about the business, and is pioneering from a digital perspective, so from a Screwfix point of view, we have a great leader in John.”. In terms of product offer Mr Parsons

said constantly Screwfix evolving is

always looking to expand: “We are


offer because it’s something our customers care about a lot. They want to know what products are new and, one of the difficult things for them is, where do you go to find the innovation and new

products? Our customers know that, actually, if they go to Screwfix, we’re generally there or ahead of the game and they will find all the new products and innovation. We do a lot, it resonates well with our customers, and it is something that we will continue to do.” Kingfisher is rumoured to be

closing its 19 German Screwfix branches and abandoning its plans for growth in Germany for the time being, according to online reports by trade titles operating in the German DIY market.

When asked about the German operation, Mr Parson commented: “It is not on our agenda to do anything progressive with that at the moment. We’re reviewing where we’re at with the German market. At the moment, we have 19 stores in Germany and they are doing ok.” Mr Parsons was looking forward to celebrating the rest of the store opening launch and said: “It’s one of those days where we don’t put too much pressure on our team; let’s relax and have some fun and let our customers understand what Screwfix is about, which is having fun and working hard.”


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