by Simon Wright, Purchasing Director at Stax Trade Centres

With Christmas rapidly approaching we’ve been working hard to help you make sure you’re properly prepared for the festive rush. At your local Stax Trade Centre and we have our widest-ever range of Christmas lines supplied by leading names such as Kaemingk and Premier Decorations. There’s everything from trees, wreaths and lights, through to decorations and diaries for next year.

Our Christmas theme this year

is ‘all yule need and more’ and we’ve been busy introducing a series of exciting new partnership distribution deals to make sure that’s the case. One of these now gives you access to almost 1,000 new lines of Rawlplug-branded products. These are in addition to our many existing Rawlplug lines, so you can now get everything from fixings, fastenings and anchors through to sealants and adhesives from one place. You can also take advantage of our stock and stand deals, as well as improved terms on the Rawlplug range. We carry a huge range of DIY

lines from other leading names too. Whether you need jigsaws, sanders, hammers or hex keys, we’ve got them from consumer brand names such as Bosch, Draper, Stanley, Rolson and De Walt. Don’t forget our popular own-brand tools range too.

A bright idea

Our commitment to supporting independent

retail and solar trade

customers also led us to another new distribution deal which covers outdoor

lighting products

from Kaemingk. We’re now giving you access to 175 different lines from Kaemingk’s Lumineo Spring – Summer outdoor lighting range, and all at prices with excellent profit potential.

Outdoor lines We know that many of our DIY customers also stock a wide range of garden and outdoor products, so we’ve

signed another new

distribution deal to help them to succeed in this market. We’re now carrying the popular Honeyfields range of bird food and feeders from Marriage’s, along with a selection of Marriage’s RSPB-endorsed premium wild bird products. Marriage’s is widely regarded as

the UK’s leading wild bird food specialist, providing a range of high- quality products. These complement our existing Ambassador bird-care range and allow us to offer you a significantly greater choice. You can choose from a range of different feed options and easy-fill feeder units, including 44 Honeyfield’s lines, plus 61 RSPB-endorsed products.

A clean sweep We also recently expanded our own- brand product range by adding Groundsman premium household brooms, brushes and dustpans to our own brand portfolio. Now exclusively available from Stax Trade Centres, the household

Remember that when you buy brooms

and brushes will be manufactured in the same factory and offer the same quality and attractive pricing for which the Groundsman name is known. This will allow those customers

to continue offering

Groundsman products to their own customers in complete confidence. We’re supporting the range with fully branded, pre-configured and stocked display stands which are designed to maximise sales and will be adding new products to the range throughout autumn.

The Stax benefits The recent distribution deals have cemented our commitment to partnerships with leading manufacturers and consumer brands, making their products available to DIY stores across the UK at wholesale prices.

from Stax you’ll enjoy many other benefits. Our minimum order quality is just £300 and that can be made up from the rest of our enormous product range. With a free Stax account, it couldn’t be easier to extend your own range ready for Christmas, without needing to meet multiple minimum order requirements. You can place orders by phone, online, in-store or via your Stax representative, and you’ll get fast, 1-3 day delivery turnarounds. Don’t forget that we also give convenient store

you opening

hours, instant stock availability on many products, and the ability to use a Stax payment card which can provide up to 60 days interest-free credit.

Stax is the UK’s largest non-food wholesaler, and provides genuine trade-only wholesale support for a wide range of independent retailers across the country. It covers many different market sectors, including DIY, gardening, hardware, building, decorating, electrical, plumbing, homeware, bathrooms and kitchens.

For more information on Stax, visit 20 DIY WEEK 12 OCTOBER 2018

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