providing products that benefit the environment seen at Glee this year. “There was a real interest in natural gardening – looking after plants without using potentially harmful chemicals,” she said. “I think everyone knows that it

is more than a trend, it is a whole different way of thinking, which is going to grow – sustainability is an issue that is going to stay with us for the foreseeable future. UK gardeners really want to help the environment and think about how we all need to take more responsibility for our actions.” “Glee provides a really valuable opportunity for customers to see our ranges in depth and enables us to learn what they think about them. It’s also a unique opportunity to see what the emerging trends are across gardening as a whole; what is catching people’s attention, how technology

is becoming

increasingly important and how things are moving on in all sorts of other ways, too.

“It’s the opportunity to meet our customers face to face and take them through our ranges and new products in detail. Hopefully, by doing that and by talking about the latest trends – we were sponsor of the Retail Lab trend area – we can

help retailers plan better for the forthcoming season. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate our marketing campaigns and category support,” she continued. “For

example, Pot consumer for our Plant campaign retailers a

garden watering into a broader opportunity

turns by

encouraging the cross-selling of a variety of linked products. It received an excellent response. Dialogue across a huge range of buyers and their marketing teams is really what Glee is all about.” Leisure Grow Products Ltd had

acquired the business interests of Petface out of administration in June

this year. Key Petface personnel were kept on by Leisure Grow Products Ltd, and managing director Beau Curtis told DIY Week of the initial hesitation of showcasing the joint stand at Glee. She said: “The show was really good for us this year. “We launched with a joint Petface and NOMA stand which we were unsure of how that would be perceived to start but customers seemed to enjoy the space. “It gave our sales team an excellent opportunity to cross sell across the two brands as well as increase their product knowledge following the new Petface

take over. We look forward to doing

more events with duel brands taking space.” However, Beau Curtis felt the halls were considerably quieter than previous years. “At times the halls seemed very quiet but this did give us opportunity to spend more time with our customers,” she said. “We are still very happy with the turnout to the stand.” She concluded: “Glee has such a huge variety of products there. It is great to take time to walk around and see what other brands are doing, whether it be their products, their marketing or their stand builds. There is always something new to get inspiration from.”


A total of 11 new garden products was also confirmed as the winners of the 2018 Glee New Product Awards 2018, at a special award presentation at the leading gardening show. Selected from hundreds of entries showcased at Glee, the winning products were chosen across nine categories by a panel of judges, representing independent and multiple retailers and international suppliers. The 2018 judging panel comprised Andy Bunker of Altons Garden Centre, Nigel and William Wallis of Baytree Garden Garden Centre, Caroline Linger from, Colin Wetherly-Mein, David Danning from Blue Diamond, Mel Livingstone of Fron Goch and Ian Hodgson from Garden News. Products were judged against a range of criteria, including innovation, design, quality, environmental credentials, pricing and retail potential. The shortlisted suppliers were then invited to join the judges in the ‘Pitching Den’. This year’s winners are as follows:

Best Garden Decoration Winner: Smart Garden Products - Wannabees Shortlisted: Smart Garden Products Ltd – Llama Rama; The Solar Centre – Trueflame USB Solar Crook Lantern; Greenkey Home & Garden – Flamelights

Best Wildlife & Pets Joint Winners: RSPCA – Slow Feeder Bowl,

Westland Horticulture – Peckish Squirrel Proof Suet Pellets Shortlisted: RSW International Ltd – Fetch & Treat Ball Game

Best Outdoor Entertaining Winner: Smart Garden Products – Lit Firefly Balloons

Shortlisted: Burton McCall Ltd – Thermacell Halo Mini; Zest 4 Leisure - Maisy Set

Best Landscaping Winner: Primeur – Recycled Rubber Stepping Stones Medallion Shortlisted: Deco-Pak - Lumi Pave; Primeur – Landscape edge; Smart Garden Products – Solar Picket Fence

Best Home, Gift & Clothing Winner: Tilnar Art - Besmo & Mo-Home (Meg Hawkins Collection) Shortlisted: Burgon & Ball - RHS Gifts for Gardeners ‘British Bloom’ collection – pocket pruner & holster set; FallenFruits Ltd – Plant Terrarium with tools

Best Tools & Machinery Winner: Block Blitz Ltd - Block Blitz Big Blitz Shortlisted: Burgon & Ball - RHS-endorsed single-handed grass shear; Gardman Ltd - Carbon Steel Large Shovel

Best Garden Care – Chemicals, Fertilisers and Growing Media Winner: Westland Horticulture – Deadfast New Rodenticides Range Shortlisted: Block Blitz Ltd – Block Blitz Multi Pave Treatment; Block Blitz Ltd – Block Blitz Block Shield; West Country Soil Improvement Ltd – Bloomin Amazing

Best Garden Care – Growing Accessories Winner: Tildenet Gardenware – Haxnicks Bamboo Pots & Seed Trays Shortlisted: Vegepod – Vegepod Raised Garden Bed (medium); Vegtrug Limited – Grow Care

Best Plants, Seeds & Bulbs Winner: Wyevale Nurseries Ltd – Agapanthus Fireworks Shortlisted: Javado – Ficus Mangrove Melany Petit; Wyevale Nurseries Ltd – Salvia

Best of British Winner: West Country Soil Improvement Ltd – Bloomin Amazing

Best New Product at Glee 2018 – The winner of this award was selected from all the entries received. This year the coveted title went to Primeur with its Recycled Rubber Stepping Stone Medallion.

Glee event director Matthew Mein commented: “We were delighted that so many superb, new products were entered for this year’s Glee New Products and offer many congratulations to the worthy winners. Our thanks also go to the judges who so kindly lent their valuable time and expertise.”


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