FISCO’s new Mark-Right tape is designed for right-handed craftsmen and women with a blade that reads from right to left. Measuring and marking gets a whole lot easier and more accurate with Mark-Right because users won’t have to read the tape measure upside down and use their left hand to hold the tape in position whilst marking. According to Fisco, the Mark-Right tape reduces marking and cutting time for a right- handed user by 50%. Available in 5m lengths, the blade is graduated in mm and inches, is accurate to EC Class II and housed in a tough ABS case with a positive action slide lock brake, belt clip and zeroing end hook. n 01484 854488 n

HOZELOCK’s new multi-use Seringa Sprayer makes it easy to apply treatments to the top branches of a fruit tree or remove moss from a rooftop. The ultra- durable, nickel-plated, pump-action sprayer with Viton seals allows a high pressure (up to 6 bars) to be maintained up to a height of 6m (20ft), while a choice of nozzles ensures users can deliver either a fine mist or a flat or straight jet. High level spraying when carrying a large amount of liquid can be dangerous, so the lightweight Seringa Sprayer, with its 60cm fibreglass ergonomic lance handle, has been designed to allow the tank or bucket to stay safely on the ground whilst the operator is able to target areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach n

VELCRO Brand is strengthening its home and garden product offering with a new range of mounting tapes, suitable for a wide variety of DIY requirements. The new Fix-Pro mounting tape range features four adhesive options - indoor, removable, outdoor and extreme - to allow consumers to find simple solutions to mount items easily to walls or surfaces in the house, garden, shed or garage. The mounting tapes are made using high-quality acrylic foam tape and acrylic adhesives, giving them a superior performance compared to similar products on the market, says Velcro. All four mounting tape options come in 2m or 6m rolls, starting from £4.99 RRP. The indoor and removable options are ideal for consumers who want to mount lightweight items such as pictures, clocks and decorative items to surfaces indoors. The removable product, which is transparent, leaves no residue or damage to the surface once removed. The outdoor product is perfect for garden projects, and works well on glass, stone and concrete. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures, making it a great solution for any season. Extreme is designed to hold 55kg and works perfectly on glass, stone, tile, brick, wood, plastic and metal. It has been specially formulated with permanent adhesive and can be used indoors and outdoors on heavy-duty projects that require extreme sticking power. n 0161 240 4516 n

New from SNICKERS WORKWEAR, stretch garments and body-mapping layers are designed to deliver extreme working comfort and protection –whatever the weather. Brand new weatherproof stretch trousers and jackets offer great fit and are the perfect choice for outside work that demands maximum comfort, mobility and protection, says the company. The new and extended range of AllroundWork and FlexiWork jackets include waterproof and Hi-Vis garments for both men and women to keep the wearer warm, dry and visible. For information on the new Snickers’ Workwear autumn working clothes, you can call the Snickers helpline on the number below or visit the website and download a digital catalogue. n 01484 854788 n

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JOHNSTONE’S TRADE has announced the launch of StainAway - an innovative, all-in-one wall and ceiling paint that promises to tackle the toughest stains and leave a durable flat matt finish. StainAway contains Stain Blocking Technology, which permanently isolates and covers stains including smoke damage, nicotine staining and water damage. Acting as a primer and finish in one, StainAway is designed to save time and money on the job by removing a step in the process. It also has a class 1 scrub resistance and will leave a desirable flat matt finish. It is available in Brilliant White, as well as 16,000 colours, including the new Johnstone’s Trade Voice of Colour Palette, and comes in 2.5-litre, 5-litre and 10-litre sizes. n


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