NagaWorld Revenues Up 40 per cent Stable growth in the Cambodian economy has helped NagaCorp, operator of

NagaWorld, the entertainment centre of the Mekong Region in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh to post an impressive revenue surge

NagaWorld has reported an increase its GGR in the first half of the year by 40 per cent to US$386.8m


JAPAN – A second public hearing, held by the Japanese government on the potential of integrated resort casinos has heard how a ‘time limit’ on the length of time players are allowed to gamble for would alleviate some of the concerns regarding a limit on the number of visits allowed.

Held in Osaka, the hearing heard that there are doubts on whether limiting visits with an entry fee for locals would work. Local representative Takayuki Miyake was quoted in The Japan Times as saying: “The panel has proposed limiting the number of times Japanese people can enter the casinos on a given day or during any given week, but that could simply encourage people to spend longer periods of time in the casino. A limit should also be placed on how long people are allowed to stay in the casino on any given visit. By placing limits on the number of times Japanese people can visit, it might be possible to exclude gambling addicts or those who appear to be addicts, but that could lead them to turn to illegal gambling. An organisation needs to be established by specialists that can decide on a system for limiting entrance. Work must be done to create a policy that helps people overcome their gambling problems.”

ASIA – Betsoft Gaming, architect of the Shift platform, has announced it has signed a partnership deal with a new Asian-facing operator HBet63. HBet63 primarily focuses on the market covering China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Under the terms of the partnership, HBet63 will be taking on Betsoft’s complete suite of iGaming entertainment, including the award-winning Slots3 collection of cinematic 3D video slots and the best- in-class ToGo line of mobile games.

Betsoft’s Shift platform, designed and built by in- house developers, uses the power of the HTML5 markup language to provide smoother, high definition graphics and more secure gameplay with reduced file sizes.

“HBet63 is a new face in the Asian market, but they are already an extremely promising operator,” said Joya Zhang of Betsoft. “We foresee a fruitful partnership with them as they expand in iGaming’s most active market. They provide great customer service, which is critical in our business.”

“We are excited to take on Betsoft’s full collection of games for both mobile and desktop players,” said Vincent Yao of HBet63. “We’ve never before seen games that run so smoothly, with such beautiful intense graphics. These games will surely find great popularity with our players, and they will help us to build a solid operation.”


Stable growth in the Cambodian economy helped NagaCorp, operator of NagaWorld, the entertainment centre of the Mekong Region in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, increase its GGR in the first half of the year by 40 per cent to US$386.8m.

EBITDA increased 19 per cent whilst net profit increased by 20 per cent to US$150.6m. Te increase was driven by a 71 per cent increase in VIP Rollings and a 23 per cent increase in Mass Market table buy-ins. Mass Market electronic gaming machines bills-in increased 15 per cent. NagaWorld had 239 gaming tables and 1,660 Electronic Gaming Machines in operation.

A spokesperson for NagaCorp said: “Te strong growth in business volumes and GGR is attributable to a number of factors. First, continued confidence in Cambodia’s political climate and social order of Cambodia’s operating environment leads to favourable economic conditions. Second, confidence in the operating environment leads to increasing economic activity, investment and visitation, especially from China. Tird, with the completion of Naga2, the company’s balance sheet has strengthened (in March 2017, the Group’s property assets were valued at US$5.4bn by Colliers International (Hong Kong)

PAGCOR reinstates PhilWeb’s operating licence


Philippines regulator PAGCOR has voted to reinstate PhilWeb’s online gaming license and has granted the company a Provisional Certificate of Accreditation as an Electronic Gaming System service provider. Having seen its licence revoked in August last year, PhilWeb’s income fell by 134 per cent to just over US$6m in 2016.

PhilWeb President Dennis Valdes said. “We are grateful to PAGCOR Chairman Domingo and the entire Board of Directors of Pagcor for their faith in our company and for giving us the opportunity to

Limited) and players are expressing more confidence.”

International arrivals to Cambodia, one of the Group’s business growth drivers, increased 13 per cent to 2.3m visitors in the first five months of 2017. Visitor arrivals via Phnom Penh International Airport grew 19 per cent over the same period. Further, visitation from China grew by 36 per cent to 0.4m visitors, surpassing Vietnam to become the top source of arrivals.

Te group added: “Te continued growth of visitation to Cambodia is a reflection of the development of Cambodia as a prominent regional tourism and investment destination, brought about by continued political and social stability in the country. NagaWorld, which is a major attraction located in the city centre of Phnom Penh and the entertainment centre of the Mekong region, is poised to benefit from this growth. As the Group continues its trajectory of asset (in March 2017, the Group’s property assets were valued at US$5.4bn by Colliers International and business growth, it is also gaining increasing prominence and confidence among the gaming and entertainment community in the region. Tis allows the Group to further penetrate into new markets, thereby fuelling business growth and expansion.”

deliver services to their electronic gaming operators once again.”

Te company has been out of operation for over a year and has had to change its Chairman following a fall-out between Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and PhilWeb’s former Chairman Roberto Ongpin, who relinquished his role in an attempt to get the licence reissued. PAGCOR has recently introduced a new licensing system for gaming service providers aimed at giving operators greater choice.

“Tis allows for a level playing field for any qualified provider,” said PAGCOR chair Andrea Domingo. Philweb operates over 300 internet cafes devoted to casino games. Tey are described as a private, members-only network.

South Korea

Political tensions between China and Korea have seen Paradise Co, South Korea’s biggest casino operator, post a fall in second quarter revenue despite the opening its spectacular, newest casino resort Paradise City. Te casino opened in April at Yeongjong Island close to Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Its dependence on foreign business saw it hit hard by the fall out with China. Te operator blamed dwindling numbers of Chinese VIPs, the political fallout between China and Korea as well as a losing streak in its VIP sector. Its opening came at a difficult time with China, which accounted for just under half of South Korea’s 17.2m foreign last year, imposing a travel ban on its citizens in groups although individuals will still be able to travel.

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