Glowing Report from Casino Basel Install Te APEX gaming team is proud of its latest installation of Pinnacle gaming

machines at Switzerland’s Casino Basel, where the management team is delighted with the response from its slots players to the new games

Testimonials from Casino Basel confirm the postive reaction from players to the installation of APEX gaming’s latest Pinnacle slots


CROATIA –MSFG International has announced the installation of IGT slots at the newly opened Grand Admiral Casino in Zagreb. The Grand Admiral Casino is spread over two floors and is to open a restaurant, hotel and cafe bar as paert of the grand opening. Among the large number of slots on offer, the casino features 10 IGT Axxis 23/23 cabinets and four IGT Crystal Dual cabinets. The slots are arranged on both floors, with all Axxis 23/23 cabinets featuring HD gaming packages; Diversity HD vol.1 and Diversity HD vol.2, each populated with 12 games, while the Crystal Dual offers a multigame pack with eight games.

FRANCE – American private equity fund Blackstone Group is considering buying French casino group, Joa. Blackstone has recently entered the gaming market with a joint purchase of Paysafe and the outright purchase of Clarion, organisers of gaming exhibition ICE Totally Gaming. Capital Finance has reported that the private equity investor is in exclusive talks to buy Joa, who operates 22 casinos in France making it the country’s third biggest operator, for €220m. The arrival of Blackstone could enable the Joa Group to consolidate its position in the French market, while opportunities are opening up with the resumption of activity in the sector. But this could also be an opportunity to develop abroad, as Laurent Lassiaz, Chairman of Joa's board of directors, has been suggesting for several months.

Te APEX gaming team is proud to report its most recent success at Casino Basel. Today, players can find both the Pinnacle VIP Stations as well as the Pinnacle SL slant tops at Casino Basel. “Our customers took to the APEX machines instantly,” commented Marcel Wenger, Managing Director of Airport Casino Basel. “Tey have a distinctive, classy look to them. I’ve been long enough in this business to know that it’s the games that matter the most. And I can report that I am very pleased as to how well our valued customers are enjoying playing on the APEX slots.”

Each APEX gaming machines is equipped with the EVO platform that ensures that every game is brought to the next level. Te rich game content – all created by in-house by the APEX game designers – has helped to increase the entertainment choice at Casino Basel.

“Our thanks go to Marcel Wenger and his team

Novomatic takes over sales management of Ainsworth in Europe


Te Global Sales Division of Novomatic, headed by Lawrence Levy, is assuming the sales management of Ainsworth in Europe. Sonya Nikolova, Novomatic’s Head of sales in the CEE countries, is to lead a revamped European sales team for Ainsworth.

CZECH REPUBLIC – The Open Doors Day, organized by EASIT, part of the SYNOT Group, for its business partners took place this summer. The aim of the event, held at the company's headquarters in Brno, was to familiarize Synot’s business partners with the products EASIT offers and develops.

“Modern, online technologies and startup projects have a clear green today. That's why I decided to invest in young developers such as EASIT, " said Synot’s Ivo Valenta, adding:" I am glad that hundreds of guests, not only from Europe, have met for the Open Doors Day. Besides representatives of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our business partners from Serbia and Canada, and I believe that this event will open the door to further cooperation.


Te move comes in line with a strategic commitment to strengthen the sales force, product offering and customer support of Ainsworth. Sonya Nikolova said: "Customer satisfaction and building long- term relationships within the gaming industry has been an immense motivation of mine for many years. I am enthusiastic about my new role with Novomatic – I consider it a big responsibility and honour – and one that will complement the quality of services and diversity of products that are delivered to

for introducing APEX to their customers. Te reaction has truly been fantastic. We will continue to offer our full support to enable our range of solutions to further grow at Casino Basel. Te same applies for the whole casino estate and we are working with the Tranchant Group very closely to support their drive to bring APEX to their casino portfolio,” proudly stated Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming.

Casino Basel was first opened in 2003 and today offers its guests approximately 300 slot machines. Te location attracts international visitors alongside local Swiss customers as the city of Basel borders with both France and Germany. As Casino Basel is close to the airport, it offers customers pleasant accommodation with its neighbouring hotel that has 167 guest rooms. Te events are a real highlight and are catered to international and local guests of differing demographics.

our customers and partners. I am committed to enforcing my deep industry expertise and knowledge to the development and popularization of the Ainsworth brand in Europe, as well as to collaborate intensively with my colleagues to improve customer support and product competitiveness."

Te head position for sales in the CEE countries will be entrusted to Roman Czubak, who has a long record with Novomatic and previously held important roles in R&D, Project Management and Sales for the company. Roman Czubak commented on his new appointment: "For me, this appointment means returning to a sales function with the great responsibility of further building and strengthening the Novomatic brand in this core market.”

In their respective roles and with the purpose of promoting the major product brands included in the Novomatic portfolio, Mrs. Nikolova and Mr. Czubak will report to Mr. Lawrence Levy, Vice President of Global Sales for Novomatic.


JVH Gaming, owner of Jack’s Casino slot hall chain, is interested in acquiring “parts of Holland Casino,” according to the company’s CEO Eric Olders. It’s a process that might prove complicated as at the same time JVH’s owner, private equity investor Waterland, is reportedly looking to sell the arcade operator once the Dutch online gaming market opens to an international casino operator for licensing purposes. Mr. Olders has already confirmed that JVH Gaming will launch an online brand as soon as online gaming is legalised in the country.

Te arcades business in Holland was investigated in August as the criminal division of the Dutch Revenue Service conducted raids at two gaming halls suspected of having installed illegal software to divert players’ winnings to the operators. Similar software was reportedly discovered in Germany and Austria last year. Te Dutch gaming association, VAN, condemned the alleged fraud and stressed the operator is not a member of VAN.


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