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Business news March, 2021

NovaCentrix Partners with MaRC Technologies

AUSTIN, TX — NovaCentrix, a provider of photonic curing tools, conductive inks and its new Pulse- Forge® high-intensity pulsed-light soldering solution, has appointed MaRC Technologies as its manu- facturers’ representative.

cialized supplier of tools and sup- plies for the electronics manufac- turing and high-tech industry. Mike Gunderson and the team at MaRC Technologies provide sales and service for customers in Ore- gon, Washington, Idaho, and northern California. Gunderson will focus on

bringing NovaCentrix’s newest in- novation, PulseForge soldering tools, to market in his territory. “The PulseForge soldering sys- tems will both enable new tech- nologies, and at the same time, al- low for a safer and more efficient way of soldering many existing as- semblies,” says Gunderson, presi- dent, MaRC Technologies. NovaCentrix’ PulseForge®

Mike Gunderson (center) and part of his MaRC Technologies team.

Mike Gunderson and the

team at MaRC Technologies will support the company in the pacif- ic northwest U.S. “We are excited to be able to work with the MaRC team as we introduce the new sol- dering tools to early adopters in the Pacific Northwest,” says Stan Farnsworth, chief marketing offi- cer, NovaCentrix. MaRC Technologies is a spe-

soldering tools enable new types of products in consumer electron- ics, automotive and medical wear- ables. Product innovators and manufacturers can utilize flexi- ble, low-cost substrates and deliv- er functionality not possible when using conventional ovens and lasers. PulseForge tools reflow off-the-shelf solders, including SAC305, in seconds on low-tem- perature flexible substrates like

paper and plastic. Contact: NovaCentrix, 400

Parker Drive, Suite 110, Austin, TX 78728 % 512-491-9500 E-mail: Web: r

AUSTIN, TX —Kodiak Assembly Solutions LP has been profiled by the Austin Business Journal, following the company through the COVID-19 pandemic and ups

Austin Business Journal Kodiak Profiled by

very fortunate that we are still succeeding, and we are all opti- mistic about 2021.” Over the last 16 years, the

Kodiak’s management team from left: Michael Harlow, vice president;

John Kampfer, president; and Susan Morehouse, CEO.

and downs over several months. “I think we’re in the same boat as many manufacturing companies right now,” says Michael Harlow, vice president of sales, Kodiak. “Operating an electronics manu- facturing company in 2020 was especially challenging. We feel

company has established a repu- tation for high quality, first-pass yields and on-time deliveries. The company offers PCB assem- bly, test and system integration capabilities out of its world-class facility in Austin. Kodiak Assem- bly’s expertise and flexibility al- low it to facilitate the effective production of a wide variety of products in a number of key elec- tronic markets, including IoT, network servers, LEDs, energy management and storage, oil and gas, industrial controls, RF solutions, security and access controls, and microprocessor em-

bedded computer assemblies. Contact: Kodiak Assembly

Solutions, LP, 2400 Grand Avenue Parkway, Suite 103, Austin, TX % 512-275-1702 E-mail: Web: r

VEXOS Names MIRTEC “Partner of Choice”

OXFORD, CT — MIRTEC is pleased to announce that VEXOS has selected MIRTEC as its 3D AOI “Partner of Choice,” based on key performance indicators that include inspection performance, Gage R&R, ease of programming, and customer support. “VEXOS is an award-winning

EMS company providing complete supply chain solutions for OEMs and new emerging technology companies,” says Brian Morrison, VP of engineering, VEXOS. VEXOS performed an exten-

sive evaluation with three top 3D AOI manufacturers and selected MIRTEC as its 3D AOI “Partner of Choice” for its manufacturing facilities in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and LaGrange, Ohio. “Our MV-7 OMNI 3D AOI ma- chines provide exceptional per- formance and extremely consis- tent defect detection with mini- mal programming time. My team and I are equally impressed with MIRTEC’s Customer Support which has been second to none,” says Morrison. MIRTEC’s award-winning

MV-7 OMNI 3D AOI machines are configured with the compa- ny’s exclusive OMNI-VISION® 3D inspection technology, which combines a 15 MP CoaXPress camera system with MIRTEC’s revolutionary digital, tri-fre-

Brian Morrison, VP of engineering, VEXOS.

through innovation and strong quality leadership,” says Brian D’Amico, president of MIRTEC’s North American sales and service division. “VEXOS is recognized around the world for having high quality standards and an unwa- vering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company is ex- tremely selective in purchasing equipment that will add value to their business and provide them with a much-needed competitive

edge,” adds D’Amico. Contact: MIRTEC Corp.,

3 Morse Road, Oxford, CT 06478 % 203-881-5559 E-mail: Web: r

GEN3 and ZESTRON Collaborate on Testing

FARNBOROUGH, HAMPSHIRE, UK — GEN3 Systems and ZE- STRON have agreed to collaborate on a new test service for the U.S. electronics industry to help devel- op objective evidence required by the latest release of IPC-J-STD- 001 Revision H. ZESTRON is a provider of

precision cleaning products, serv- ices and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries. ZE- STRON operates eight technical centers worldwide with knowl- edgeable engineers. GEN3, manu- facturer of the AutoSIR™, Auto- CAF™ and CM series PICT test instruments, has supplied this equipment and helped to establish this new test service. “It is always an issue trying

to demonstrate SIR measure- ment and process control equip- ment, especially during the ongo- ing Covid-19 restrictions. Having our equipment available in such

a well-suited facility means that customers can more easily and better evaluate their require- ments,” says Graham Naisbitt, president of GEN3. Electrochemical migration

(ECM) is a challenge, especially as higher density packaging and circuit miniaturization continue to develop. Measuring changes in insulation resistance is neither fast nor straightforward. Howev- er, users will have access to data to ascertain when and at which point in their assembly process ECM problems appear. The ZE- STRON setup permits testing preprepared IPC B52 test cou - pons, or a B53 coupon for materi-

al prescreening. Contact: GEN3 Systems, B2,

Armstrong Mall, Southwood Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 ONR, UK % +44-0-125-252-1500 E-mail: Web: r

quency moiré 3D technology to provide precision inspection of SMT devices on finished PCBs. “We at MIRTEC are commit- ted to continuous improvement

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