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Brooklyn Bedding Can Help You Build Your Brand By Gretchen Kast

As the needs and trends of the bedding marketplace have evolved over the past decade, many mattress retailers are still searching for new ways to cut through the noise and stand out from their competition. Already a formidable player in the direct-to-consumer space, Brooklyn Bedding has recently become a distinct voice in the wholesale sphere. The company has crafted a comprehensive product portfolio that is carefully attuned to today’s current market needs with a curated selection of solutions-oriented mattresses, made in America and shipped in a box. By enhancing the traditional private label concept with forward-thinking manufacturing and delivery processes, Brooklyn Bedding is helping its retail partners build their own unique brands.

themselves. The duo focused specifically on the liquidation segment, buying and reselling overstock, comfort return and close-out fin- ished goods. This served as their foray into the manufacturing world, as they saw an op- portunity to begin buying up close-out com- ponents as well—including unused fabrics and springs. After investing in some sewing machines, they set out to figure out how to build and sell mattresses on their own. Be- cause they already had retail stores set up, they were able to bring their new products into the market right away—and quickly start gathering valuable consumer feedback that helped them refine their offerings.


efore Brooklyn Bedding was even an idea on the horizon, co-founders John and Rob Merwin started out as retailers

The vision for what Brooklyn Bedding would eventually become first began with a suggestion from CEO John Merwin’s wife. An early adopter of ecommerce shopping, she informed her husband that mattresses had begun to crop up on certain online sales platforms. Intrigued by the concept, Merwin began to explore the new category—and eventually made the trek to China to get a first-hand look at the roll-pack process. While there, he quickly identified the vast opportu- nity this could afford his business. But after purchasing a few containers of roll-packed memory foam mattresses to sell in the States, he soon realized that this was not the way he wanted to go about it.

“I didn’t want to be an importer,” Merwin ex- plains. “I had already invested all of this mon-

ey into our own factory. So I kept looking at equipment and eventually bought a roll-pack machine.” In 2008, the company became one of the first in the mattress industry to launch an American-made bed-in-a-box program— and Brooklyn Bedding was born. Today, Brooklyn Bedding continues to ele- vate this burgeoning category with a robust portfolio of American-made mattresses rang- ing from $949 to $1,999 in queen. In fact, the company’s Phoenix, AZ facility was spe- cifically designed and laid out so that every product is manufactured to go into a box. “The consumer is really starting to open up to the fact that a mattress-in-a-box isn’t a commodity anymore,” Merwin explains. “It’s not a cheap mattress that someone’s throw- ing in a box. With a couple of minor tweaks to 9

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