In 2008, the company became one of the first in the mattress industry to launch an American-made bed-in-a-box program—and Brooklyn Bedding was born.

construction, you can take almost every mat- tress and package it in a box.” While most of the early roll-packed options were all-foam beds, Brooklyn Bedding has developed its line-up with a variety of unique constructions, support systems and comfort layers. “I see a day where 90-95% of all mat- tresses will be packaged and shipped in a box,” Merwin predicts. “It just makes sense. On the raw materials side, our foam comes compressed, our springs come compressed. It makes things a lot easier and more eco- nomical by delivering the mattress in a box as well.” At the entry-level, the company offers the Brooklyn Signature. This mattress is made with six inches of individually encased pock- et coils, a transitional layer of supportive Energex foam and a top layer of patented TitanFlex foam to create a more responsive contouring feel. For added comfort, the com-

10 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2019

fort layers are infused with a cooling Titani- umGel treatment that helps regulate body temperature throughout the night. For a more natural experience, the brand’s

Bloom Hybrid mattress combines an eight inch base of individually encased Quantum Edge coils with a three-inch top layer of Oe- ko-Tex certified Talalay latex and a plush top cover made from sustainably sourced Joma wool and organic cotton. These comfort lay- ers create a buoyant, pressure relieving feel with superior breathability and moisture wick- ing properties.

Across its entire mattress portfolio, Brook-

lyn Bedding offers niche solutions for specific comfort preferences and benefits. The Spar- tan mattress incorporates performance Far Infrared Rays technology to provide the more active consumer with the recovery benefits they need. The Plank mattress was designed to deliver unparalleled firmness, and the Ti-

tan provides the ideal support for plus-size sleepers. While Brooklyn Bedding sells these offerings directly to consumers via its website and branded retail stores, they also serve as proven examples of the types of products the company can develop for its retail partners as part of its private label programs. “When retailers come in, we’re not trying to sell them Brooklyn Bedding products,” Mer- win explains. “I have my own retail stores. I have my own ecommerce site. I’m not looking to put Brooklyn Bedding on every single floor that’s out there. I want to build you something that is your own that you can stand behind 110%. When you sell that bed, you’re selling your brand. You’re selling your product; I just happen to be the guy that gets to build it.” As a retailer himself, Merwin understands the selling power of a private label program. For retailers who have already invested in their own stores, the chance to build and brand

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