Marketing Diamond Mattress University Opens To Retailers

By Elaina Hundley Free to retail partners, Diamond Mattress’ new training program utilizes video content and quizzes to engage sales associates, build their confidence and convert shoppers to buyers. Diamond Mattress University (DMU) deliv- ers content ranging from health and wellness data and relevant research to mattress spec- ifications, brand and product knowledge as well as sales techniques. The mobile-friend- ly program offers three levels of specialized sales training and certification.

“Diamond Mattress University is unlike most programs out there because it goes well be- yond product training,” said Patrick Wolf, Vice President of Sales and Education for Diamond Mattress. “Our goal is to empower retail sales associates with sleep knowledge and sales

training so they can build trust with their cus- tomers, help them understand sleep and the products, and ultimately help grow the ticket.” When the rollout of DMU is complete,

approximately 600 to 700 retailers will be offered access to the program. That means between 2,000 to 3,000 RSAs will be able to begin coursework with Diamond Mattress Uni- versity using their mobile devices, anywhere and anytime. “DMU was developed through the eyes of the RSA. During down time on or off the sales floor, they can access it through desk- top or smartphone and start or resume a module that’s between three to seven min- utes long. Before they know it, they are Sleep Consultant-certified which is the first level of certification,” said Wolf.

Developed and produced in-house by Dia-

mond executive team members, the content makes training easy to understand and fun with gamification. At the same time, it also brings together the extensive knowledge, re- search and numerous years of experience of Diamond Mattress’ leadership. At the winter Las Vegas Market, retailers who visited the Diamond Mattress showroom were introduced to sample training modules and signed up to begin learning when the program launches this spring.

“Many retailers told us they have never seen anything like it,” said Eccard. “There was so much interest and excitement for something that can really enhance front-line knowledge. They are hungry for that.” Visit

12 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2019

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