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The Pillow Proposition: Pillows To Suit The Needs Of Every Sleeper

By Elaina Hundley Finding the right pillow is critical to achieving healthy rest. Essential to spine health, pillows help keep the upper body in alignment as we sleep. When determining which pillows to stock and introduce to shoppers in your store, it’s crucial to understand the breadth of products available, offer a diverse sampling of those products and assist the customer in finding the proper fit for their body type and preferred sleeping position. Pillows can also help relieve sleep woes like sleeping hot and snoring— and, as a result, all of those factors are useful to keep in mind when assisting a customer. The following brands have distinctive approaches to pillow construction, and offer unique solutions that help shoppers sleep more comfortably and soundly throughout the night.

1 The Pillow Bar All of The Pillow Bar’s pillows are hand-crafted, one at a time, by trained pillow makers that customize each one to match an individual’s sleep style, height, shoulder size and age. With models for travel and models for home, The Pil- low Bar can meet the pillow needs of nearly any type of customer. The brand offers pillows made with materials including down, down alternative and has specifically developed pillow lines for different sleep styles: side, back and front. The brand’s special travel line, the Jetsetter collec- tion offers a “heads up” version, a down alterna- tive version and the classic down-filled version that comes in a regular or large size. The Pillow Bar’s Down-Alternative Jetsetter Mini Pillow

16 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2019


was recently recognized as one of Oprah’s fa- vorite things of 2018. Priding itself on the care with which each product is made, The Pillow Bar delivers a truly luxurious and personalized sleep experience to each individual end-user.


2 Protect-A-Bed Protect-A-Bed offers a tailored approach to pillows and an extensive portfolio of products to chose from. To help consumers more easily navigate all of its options, Protect-A-Bed also provides its retail partners with access to its Sleep Tailor program. This high-tech in-store system analyzes multiple data points to rec- ommend pillows that provide the alignment and preferences ideal for the user. By pro- viding data-driven recommendations, the pro- gram helps narrow the search and make the decision easier on the shopper. One stand- out option in the company’s portfolio is its Luxury Adjustable Pillow system. Made with a sturdy microfiber fill that can be removed, it allows the sleeper to adjust the pillow’s height and firmness to better support their head and neck. The Cooling Breathe-A-Vent mesh side panel promotes fresh air circulation through the pillow, while the cover is made with hy- poallergenic, moisture-wicking Tencel lyocell fibers to help the pillow stay clean, dry and dust mite-free.

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