BEDGEAR Debuts Innovative In-Store Experience At Macy’s

By Gretchen Kast BEDGEAR is bringing its unique in-store experience to retail through a new partner- ship with Macy’s. The company is headlining a curated collection of performance sleep products in 130 store locations and online at Designed exclusively for Macy’s, this transformative build-out is the latest in- stallation of BEDGEAR’s trend-setting inter- active kiosks focused on both convenience and comfort.

Centered around BEDGEAR’s M3 Launch- pad, the new in-store display was created to help personalize sleep products for the shop- per. Each BEDGEAR Performance Sleep Shop features a responsive configurator wall where consumers can self-guide through the simple digitally interactive process to build their personalized bed. In addition to the M3

configurator wall, the BEDGEAR shop at Ma- cy’s includes two M3 Sleep Pods with sleek, video-enabled frames that sense the shop- per’s body frame and activate a motion-en- hanced journey, highlighting all the benefits of the M3.

“Sleep is personal, and consumers often want the convenience of buying online, while physically exploring a brand to get a sense of the benefits and value, which can only be achieved in-store,” said Eugene Alletto, Founder and CEO of BEDGEAR. “Over the past decade, we’ve also learned that consum- ers love the blend of tactile and virtual to cre- ate a real connection with a brand.” Select Macy’s stores also feature a vari- ety of BEDGEAR sleep accessories in the Performance Sleep Shop, allowing shoppers to get fit for 100 percent of their total sleep comfort all in one place. In addition to the

M3, a number of Macy’s stores will carry the company’s Level, Balance and Storm Perfor- mance pillow series. Three of the 130 loca- tions, including Macy’s Herald Square flag- ship in New York City, will have an expanded BEDGEAR shop with the addition of the Circadian Performance pillow series, Dri-Tec, Dri-Tec Lite and Ver-Tex sheets and Ver-Tex and Dri-Tec blankets.

“Macy’s is the mattress destination, and we are continually exploring innovative ways to create engaging experiences for our custom- ers,” said Stacy Bowe, Macy’s general busi- ness manager for Home. “BEDGEAR’s M3 Launchpad provides personalized discovery of technologically advanced products that meet our shopper’s health and wellness goals through new, optimized sleep solutions.” Visit

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