their own products is invaluable in today’s marketplace. While many manufacturers offer different retailers the same collections under various names (which can be confusing and frustrating for consumers), Brooklyn Bedding provides true product exclusivity by allowing each partner to curate the line-up to their specific needs—and marketing it according to their unique customer base. When the company sets out to create a pri- vate label program, the first step is evaluating the retailer’s current offerings. By exploring where their strongest sales are and what cat- egories and price points they might be miss- ing, they work together to identify where the opportunities are. “We bring them into the factory for a cou- ple of days and we just spend time with them developing, answering the questions they have and trying to build and curate the line- up that they want for their stores,” Merwin ex- plains. “We just try to fill the gaps with their own private label program.” The fact that Brooklyn Bedding sells its own branded products directly to consumers is a major asset for its retail partners. It allows the company to collect immediate feedback on the various features, constructions and com- ponents it brings to its private label programs. And because it owns and operates its entire manufacturing process, the company is able to be exceptionally responsive to retailer needs. “Because we are factory-direct and we’re so close to the end consumer, we’re able to be very nimble,” Merwin explains. “It doesn’t take us two years to curate a line. We can make changes very very fast.” Additionally, Brooklyn Bedding’s ecom- merce experience has made it especial- ly qualified to help retailers enter into that space. This has become increasingly import- ant as more online brands have emerged in recent years—and many traditional mattress sellers have subsequently grappled with de- creased foot traffic. “There’s a certain segment of custom- ers who say, ‘I don’t want to go in a store to

buy anything.’ They go online, purchase the product and we ship it straight from our fac- tory,” Merwin explains. “But there will always be that customer that says, ‘Nope, I need to touch it, I need to feel it.’ They’re doing their research online and then they’re going into the store and purchasing.” While traditional mattress retailers have

been connecting with that in-store customer for a long time, many are still struggling to figure out how to reach that online shopper. Brooklyn Bedding has both the know-how and the capabilities to help them build and grow the ecommerce side of their business. With a curated private label line-up designed specifically for online sales, retailers are able to reconnect with that consumer who is sim- ply not interested in shopping in a brick-and- mortar store. At the same time, an expanded digital presence can also help retailers en- gage with the consumer who is researching their options online—and direct them to a physical store to buy. No matter where the fi- nal purchase is made, Brooklyn Bedding has the bandwidth to provide quick and efficient fulfillment services. “We offer a one-stop solution for every-

thing,” Merwin explains. “We can come in and give them a full line-up that they can offer as a ecommerce mattress that’s direct-ship to their consumer, as well as selling it in the stores. It can be delivered anywhere, to their warehouse, to their store or straight to their consumer.” With ability to offer customized line-ups and

true exclusivity for both in-store and online, Brooklyn Bedding provides its retail partners with the resources they need to succeed— even as the market continues to evolve. “We’re not looking to throw a Brooklyn Bedding product on every retail floor,” Mer- win emphasizes. “We’re looking to partner with strong retailers that are fully committed to building their own brand. That’s what we’re really good at, so that’s where we’re going to continue to put our focus.” Visit 11

“We’re looking to partner with strong retailers that are fully committed to building their own brand. That’s what we’re really good at, so that’s where we’re going to continue to put our focus.”

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