3 Bedgear Offering a choice between its Moisture Wick- ing collection and Refreshing Cool Touch collection, Bedgear has a personalized phi- losophy when it comes to pillows. With pro- files ranging from 0.0 to a tall 3.0, the brand’s collections are designed to support con- sumers of all shapes and sizes—in addition to balancing sleep temperature. The Cool Touch line is meant to appeal to the hot rock in the bedroom and offers a softer feel model called the Storm Series, a multi-feel firm on one side, soft on the other model called the Solar Series and finally, a firm model called the Galaxy series. By using heat deflecting Ver-Tex fabric, each pillow remains cool to the cheek throughout the night, stabilizing the sleeper’s resting temperature. Alternatively, the Moisture-Wicking collection is made for more neutral sleepers. Using Dri-Tech fabric, this collection helps neutral sleepers whose temperatures may still fluctuate throughout the night maintain greater consistency. This collection comes in the M1X Series version which offers a firmer comfort feel and the softer M1 Series version.

6 Malouf Malouf’s Z Pillow collection provides retailers with an extensive range of product options. Using materials

blend and gelled microfibers,

4 Blu Sleep

Blu Sleep’s pillows are designed to really pop on the showroom floor. Offering two distinctive pillow lines that correspond with the brand’s two mattress collections, Blu Sleep uses water expanded memory foam to give its pillows a medium, not-too-soft and not-to-firm comfort feel. Drawing inspiration from the beneficial effects of aromatherapy, the brand’s Essential Oil Collection is avail- able with the choice of five unique scent infusions—including Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Citrus and Green Tea. The pil- lows in this collection are also dynamically designed to adapt to the curves of the head and neck, and feature a temperature-neutral dual sided cover for added comfort. Similar to the Essential Oil Collection, Blu Sleep’s Nature Collection is a colorful line-up that employs natural oils and is inspired by the enchanting beauty of nature. Offering a highly breathable and luxurious sleep expe- rience, the collection includes the Aqua Gel, Ice Gel, Vitality, Bio Aloe, Vita Gel and Aqua- foam models.

5 4

like cotton-encased down the brand’s

portfolio is made up of pillows that are diverse in both look and feel. The company carries a variety of models made from its propri- etary ActiveDough foam, which delivers the quick-response feel and superior support of latex, plus the contouring relief of memory foam. Infused with gel to draw heat away from the body, ActiveDough foam offers a cooler,

more comfortable sleep. And because it is un- scented and hypoallergenic, it is a great op- tion for customers that have allergies or asth- ma. More recently, Malouf also introduced its customizable Triple Layer Down pillow, which uses a down top and bottom layer, a more supportive inner core made of down feathers and is covered with a natural cotton cover. As an added selling point, five dollars from each Triple Layer Down pillow purchase supports survivors of child sex trafficking, the Malouf Foundation’s flagship cause.

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5 PureCare PureCare’s pillow portfolio has something for every shopper and every budget. The compa- ny’s new Fabrictech branded pillow collection features a range of comfort and construction options that retail between $30 and $70. The five-piece line includes two different cooling pil- low options, a bamboo memory foam puff pillow and a sculpted memory foam puff pillow that is ideal for side and back sleepers. The final addi- tion to the collection is the SoftCell Lite, a sim- plified take on PureCare’s successful SoftCell pillow with a two-in-one, reversible design and signature chambered top construction. Offering the choice of two unique comfort feels, Pure- Care’s popular Body Chemistry SoftCell Select Reversible Hybrid Pillow delivers advanced well- ness benefits. On one side, it ensures added neck and shoulder support with a section of ex- tra Identically Down (i.d.) fill while the other side features pressure relieving temperature-neutral memory foam. By featuring Celliant fibers in the cover, the pillow promotes a temporary increase in blood flow, faster recovery from physical activ- ity and more restful sleep by absorbing and re- cycling the energy emitted by the human body.


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