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Association and being a member of Confer- ence Centres of Excellence. Among the many tools it uses to boost performance and team spirit, the not-for- profit regeneration charity recently invested in personal profile analysis (PPA) for all staff through a learning and development partner. Individuals then had one-to-one coaching ses- sions to identify their motivations and traits. This culminated in a team engagement day that explored how employees could under- stand their colleagues’ profiles to improve teamwork, communication and performance. The PPA profiling was hugely beneficial in increasing individual and team performance, as underlined by the fact that 75% feel they are part of a team that respects each other. An astonishing 100% said they were proud to work for the company and acknowledged there was respect for work-life balance, and 87.5% said it treats its people well.


THE SHERATON GRAND HOTEL & SPA In a nutshell A modern five-star, 269-bedroom property

Location 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh Employees 219 Average staff turnover 33.3% Annual sales turnover Undisclosed

Feedback reveals this hotel is recommended by 92% of its guests. That has to be partly down to its success in developing staff. All senior staff, for instance, must complete a two-day leadership retreat. This provides a frame- work for management style and embraces key messages about their role and an insight into improving both individual and organisational effectiveness.

Assistant managers and supervisors are also offered a tailored training course, which senior leaders are trained to deliver in-house. This is rolled out to teams to give them the best start in their career paths as managers. More than 94% of staff surveyed said they felt part of a team that respects each other and that they work in a good environment. With comments such as: “This hotel really cares for its employees. We are recognised for the good work we do and our successes are celebrated regularly,” there seems little else to add.

The Sheraton Grand Edinburgh


ONE EVENT MANAGEMENT In a nutshell An independently owned company encompassing six brands and

the catering expertise for large-scale sports events, concerts and so on Location Head office is in Bicester, Oxfordshire Employees 250 salaried/2,500 casual Average staff turnover 10% Annual sales turnover £28m

One Event’s brands range from F3, which pro- vides match day and non-match day catering in sports stadiums, to event design company Abso- lute Taste, which lists private jet catering among its remits. What they all have in common is that employees are trained and motivated. To incentivise and reward staff, the company has introduced two games. The first, Wheel of Fortune, is played each match day. Employees are asked questions about the area they work in, relating to menu, pricing and company values. The first to get a question correct spins a wheel to reveal their prize, which might be books, vouchers or club merchandise.

The other game is Plinko, whereby the management team awards poker chips to any employee who is seen going above and beyond to ensure great service. When staff collect five chips they can swap them for a gold coin, which is then dropped into the Plinko game to reveal a prize. No wonder 92% of staff surveyed say they want to do a good job – prizes range from mini iPads and flat-screen TVs to Virgin Experience vouchers and concert tickets. Most of the comments on the Purple Cubed survey mention the great working atmos- phere. Here’s one that sums it up: “It’s a fun and rewarding environment where we are achieving great things as a collaborative team.”


GEORGIAN HOUSE In a nutshell A privately owned luxury B&B hotel

Location St George’s Drive, London SW1 Employees 43 Average staff turnover 15% Annual sales turnover £2.4m

Last year, this hotel became only the second in London to receive the five-star guest accom- modation award from VisitEngland. This is down to owner Serena von der Heyde, who believes that the best service comes from staff who are happy, healthy, have a good work-life balance and are empowered in the workplace. To make it easier to reward and motivate

staff, the hotel recently invested in employee benefits service Perkbox, which has been well received. Another success is the staff commit- tee, created to give the team ownership of staff welfare and events, and to boost communica- tion between staff and management. These simple initiatives help not only to improve the running of the business, they also empower the team, develop strategic and leadership skills, and improve commu- nication. It has also fostered an atmosphere of respect with 93.33% of survey respondents saying they trust their manager. Gleneagles 14


owner and developer of properties and experiences across the world, founded in 2010 by Sharan Pasricha Location London-based, embracing the Hoxton hotels worldwide and Gleneagles in Scotland Employees 158 Average staff turnover 11% Annual sales turnover £39.2m

Part-developer, part-operator and part in- house creative and design studio, the multi- disciplinary team at Ennismore is currently crafting the global expansion of the Hoxton, building on the Scottish legacy of Gleneagles, as well as launching several standalone restau- rants across London. Just one of the initiatives introduced last year was a Switch It Up programme, which allowed team members in London to swap roles, properties and lives with two of their colleagues in Amsterdam for a month. Needless to say, this exciting opportunity

was well received by the team, with each of its participants growing as a result of the experi- ence, not only professionally but personally also. And with hotels set to open in Paris, New York and more in the pipeline, there’s scope to roll it out even further next year. One team member commented: “It’s

dynamic and that keeps it fresh and stops you getting stale. The leadership is always looking for new opportunities but is also focused on its goals, making it rewarding as well.”


RED CARNATION HOTEL COLLECTION In a nutshell A collection of 17 four- and five-star boutique luxury hotels

Locations South Africa, the US and Europe Employees 850 in the UK Average staff turnover 25% Annual sales turnover Undisclosed

Whatever the role, Red Carnation provides employees with the training and development needed. That’s why it holds Investors in Peo- ple Gold Standard Awards across the portfo- lio as well as being listed third in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For 2016. “This has only been possible through con-

sistently brilliant service delivered by highly trained and motivated employees,” comments vice-president of HR Liz McGivern.

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