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that we allow our fears of losing love, acceptance, approval, attention, security, or support to determine our choices and actions, we add to the buildup of pain, anger, misery, and inner disease. On the other hand, in each moment, situation, and relationship where we face our fears and thus choose to love, honour, and value ourselves, we heal our suffering in the present and we move forward into the psychological, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual freedom that is our birthright. Underneath all of the situations and

relationships in which we currently compromise ourselves there is simply a very old and deep survival fear operating that has its roots in our early years as children. Growing up, most of us never felt safe enough to fully be ourselves or to express everything that we felt, thought, wanted, or needed. As a result, our instincts led all of us to compromise, abandon, fragment, and betray ourselves in exchange for the conditional love, approval, acceptance, attention, security, and support that we felt we needed just to survive. These old and deep fears then led each of us to compromise and betray ourselves throughout our adult lives. Most of us still abandon our inner truths in exchange for something. The truth is that many of us have

created a completely compromised life because we haven’t learned to break through our fears of losing love and security to always honour and value who we genuinely are. Both in myself and in my private

practice I’ve seen one common reason why so many of us continue to compromise ourselves for the love, acceptance, approval, and support of other people: we do not feel that we

are lovable or deserving of love just the way we are. This particular dynamic drives many of us to stay in situations, relationships, and jobs that do not reflect our deepest inner truths, ultimately because we hold the destructive belief that no one else will stand by us, love us, or employ us if we truly honour and value ourselves. Way too many of us live believing

that we lack something within ourselves, which renders us unlovable or undeserving of the fulfilment we all deserve. Even though this is completely untrue, we still end up hurting ourselves because we feel the only way to be loved is to please others and make them happy, even if it’s at the expense of our own self. When we fail to honour and value

ourselves in any scenario, our inner world becomes fragmented, confused, and imbalanced, because we’ve created an inner battle between who we really are and our fear-based compromises. In mastering an unconditional love for ourselves, however, our intention is to integrate and align our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and spoken words in every single moment, because this inner unity is what heals our pain and creates peace, health, joy, fulfilment, connection, ease, and love both within us and within our lives. From a larger perspective, the more

aligned we are internally, the more aligned we become externally with all of life, nature, and the entire universe. On a practical level, honouring

ourselves means saying no sometimes; it often means we hold strong, standing in our truth, and then face whatever reactions arise when we do not speak and act merely to please others or to make them happy. Sometimes valuing

ourselves means that we need to leave a relationship, a job, or a certain place, knowing deep down that our daily health, happiness, and fulfilment are more important than the safety and security of cold, heartless, financial or material comfort. Once we’ve suffered enough and are

thus ready to honour and value ourselves without compromising our inner truths for anyone or anything, the universe will always step up to help us on our destined path. We cannot know exactly how God will conspire to provide us with precisely what we need to move forward and to thrive, but we can always be certain that we’ll be supported in fulfilling our life’s purpose to bring the unconditional love that we are fully into this world. Ultimately, each day our commitment

to ourselves and our faith in life are tested merely to show us the fear that still remains alive within us so we can transform it, heal it, and come to love ourselves and our lives more deeply. This process continually reveals the inner strength that we’re all born with to fearlessly love, honour, and value ourselves in every moment, situation, and relationship, and in so doing create the liberated, joyful, and fulfilling life that we’re all destined to live. Blake will be offering events

throughout Australia in May & June 2014.

Blake D. Bauer is an internationally recognised author, counsellor, and alternative medicine practitioner. His book You Were Not Born To Suffer and his work centre on loving ourselves unconditionally as the key to healing

ourselves, fulfilling our life’s purpose, and realising our full potential both personally and professionally.

Beyond Suffering 2014 Australian Tour A Life-Changing Day of Self Love, Healing, Meditation & Qi Gong

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Please join internationally recognised author, spiritual teacher and healer Blake D. Bauer for an empowering day of deep healing and profound spiritual awakening. Discover the simple but profound reasons why all of your suffering, illness, and unhappiness are merely cries from your soul asking you to:

• Fulfi ll your life’s purpose

• Love, honour and value yourself in every moment, situation and relationship

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“Blake Bauer’s You Were Not Born To Suffer is one of the best books on the planet for emotional healing and transformation. Apply these brilliant suggestions and enjoy the benefi t of your life changing in beautiful, harmonious & loving ways.”


- Dr. Darren R Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique & Best Selling Author

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