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MY PLACE – MY PEACE Initially, I used to do this meditation daily as I was keen

to experience soul contact with Ashish and, as I progressed with this practice and my energy body developed size, purity and power, I moved closer to attaining oneness with God and oneness with all. Master Choa had told us that the energy body doubles during this meditation and quadruples during the full moon when we meditate on the twin hearts. The power to materialise your wishes and goals occurs when the energy body is large and well developed and this is a major benefit which many of us have experienced through regular practice.

STEVE CAREY IS A CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST and Principal of the Academy of Hypnotic Science. He wrote his doctorate at Oxford University on comedy in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Speaking of comedy, he is a funny man himself, and also a warm student of human nature. Here he shares where he finds peace and connection. We came to Australia in 1998 and we’re lucky enough to

live close to the ocean: to this day, life still feels like holiday with work thrown in. I start my day either in the gym, or here at the beach with Helen and Pepper. The sights, the sounds, the smell take me away. I like how the city has to stop when it hits the beach: nature

stops the city, but the city can’t stop nature. In the same way, I don’t think about work here, though I do get some of my best ideas when I’m walking the dog. It feels like I have to clear enough space in my mind to make room for them. You see so many interesting people at the beach first thing,

DR HAZEL WARDHA IS THE DIRECTOR OF YEHOSUA ABUNDANCE and she is the creator and presenter of a self-development course, Cosmic Abundance. She shares with us her favourite meditation places – in the garden when weather permits and in a little corner of her meditation room otherwise. She also explains the form of meditation she’s been undertaking for years. I was introduced to the meditation on twin hearts when

we lost our son, Ashish, who drowned accidentally. This meditation helped me to overcome the disabling effects of grief and to develop the powers inherent in our twin hearts: the crown and heart, which are the two major energy centres of our body. It

is an ancient, secret meditation technique,

revealed by Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of pranic healing and arhatic yoga. This meditation technique has helped me to activate the

inner abundance of the heart: generosity, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, inner healing, empathy, peace and clairvoyance. The crown chakra activation during the meditation trains the intuitive faculty and develops the powers of the right brain: imagination, which is the tool of the soul, extra sensory perception and spiritual connection. Sustained mental clarity is also one of the benefits that I have experienced as the aura is cleansed by the down pouring of divine light. The twin hearts meditation helps to harmonise and

disintegrate trauma and stress. It has trained me to be aware of the importance of harmonising and blessing our planet with peace and prosperity for all. Conflicts in relationships are resolved through regular practice.

march 2014 21

the joggers and the walkers and the dog-walkers, of course, but also the icebergers who swim all year round. There’s an old gentleman who was here every day with his old dog – and then we didn’t see him for six months. One morning, there he was again, with a puppy! He looked so happy and about ten years younger – the importance of what you surround yourself with, I guess. In a song about his son, John Lennon put it best: life is what

happens when you’re busy making other plans. A walk at the beach with the one you love and the dog isn’t about anything else: it’s just itself. It’s quiet, it’s slow… and as humans we evolved to walk. There’s lots of evidence that getting out of your head and into your body istherapeutic, and it certainly feels that way to me.

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