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IT’S THE START OF THE YEAR. You meet with your friends. Over herbal or hot chai, you animatedly talk about your vision for the year. Your friends listen intently to you share

and talk about all the experiences, and all that you’re committed to attracting into your life. You love how they listen to you. You love listening to them, too. It’s exciting! You feel connected. You feel supported. You feel sure. Sure — this time, this year,

all of your dreams will come true. Or, at least, a lot of your dreams will come true. Definitely some. With your friends, you cut up pictures

for your visions boards, paste all the pictures together… You come away feeling so animated. So alive. So engaged and so on-purpose. You go home and proudly — excitedly — pin up your vision board in your bedroom or in your bathroom. You look at it every day while you’re

brushing your hair. When friends come over, you like that they ask you about it. You love sharing and talking about it. Fast forward three months… how many

ticks are on your vision board? Like — done. Tick? How many of the ‘items’ on your board have you actually manifested? Are there any ticks, at all? Fast forward six months… how many ticks

on your vision board, now? Not many. One? None? Fast forward 12 months. What’s happened?

You look at your vision board and you see that there’s some gecko poo on it and it’s got crumpled corners. You notice that it’s been a while since you looked at it, studied it, got excited about it… after all, it’s been a busy year and so much has happened! Life — your already very full life — just got in the way. Right? So twelve months down the track

and zip, zero, zilch of your vision board has actually come true. Nothing has materialised. So you start the next new year in the same

place you were last time. Sound familiar? So what’s missing? You do everything right.

You look at it. You visualise it. You ‘feel’ it. Allow it to come into your life. But still, important areas of your life (that you say you’re committed to) aren’t changing?

According to Thomas C. Corley’s five-year study of the daily habits of 233 wealthy and 128 poor people, what we do with our vision boards can have us fail miserably. First, I want to share with you the amazing insights his study revealed:

• Maintain a to-do list: wealthy 81%, poor 9%

• Wake up 3+ hours before work: wealthy 44%, poor 3%

• Listen to audio books while commuting: wealthy 63%, poor 5%

• Network 5+ hours or more each month: wealthy 79%, poor 2%

• Read 30+ minutes more each day: wealthy 86%, poor 26%

• Love to read: wealthy 86%, poor 26% • Exercise aerobically 4 days a week: wealthy 76%, poor 23%

• Watch 1 hour or less TV per day: wealthy 63%, poor 20%

• Watch reality TV: wealthy 7%, poor 80%

• Make their children volunteer 10+ hours per month: wealthy 70%, poor 3%

• Encourage their children to read 2+ non-fiction books per month: wealthy 63%, poor 3%

• Write down their goals: wealthy 67%, poor 17%

• Focus on accomplishing a specific goal: wealthy 80%, poor 12%

If you answered yes to the above, then I invite you to my 6-hour seminars. My company, JDL Strategies, has been mentoring and coaching people for 18 years. And, during that time, they’ve made over 723 millionaires out of normal, everyday Aussies. Will you be next?

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Julio De Laffitte is founder of JDL

Strategies, speaker, entrepreneur and financial mentor to thousands of people.

So at the heart of your failed vision board exercise is this — a vision board is a wish list. Wishes are not goals. You think that creating

a vision board is you asking the universe. The universe says back — “I got your order, thanks. Show me how you’re going to pull it towards you”. So ‘pull it towards you’, is you setting goals

to plan so that your wishes have a chance of coming true. What’s the difference between wishes and goals? Action. Vision boards are wishes because there is

no action-based plan that is going to underpin the realisation of these wishes. So defining your activity is the secret to vision boards delivering on your dreams!

Six steps to making your vision boards successful:

Step 1. Make your wish (vision). Step 2. Analyse the ‘get-to-there’ steps in detail. So if wining a gold medal at the next Commonwealth Games is your wish… then finding and enrolling a coach, establishing an eating plan, establishing a training schedule, establish a testing schedule, e.g., state wide competitions, would be the bare minimum of your ‘how-to-get-there’ steps. Step 3. Action. List the steps and actions YOU need to take in order to meet step 2. Step 4. Can do? Can you actually do the things in step 3? Is it feasible? Given that you already have a crazy, full life? Step 5. Diarise it. Don’t let your action list be on a napkin! Use your diary; set reminders on your phone to drive your success. Step 6. Enrol everyone. So that means telling your partner, children, family, boss, co-workers and friends of your plans. Share your dreams! Get others excited! And because they love you they’ll hold you to account.

Where are your 2014 new year dreams?

Do they include money? Abundance? And are you ready to insert ACTION into your life in order to assist the Universe deliver your dreams?

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