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By Ezio and Michelle De Angelis

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day recently? Some people don’t like the idea that one day is set aside every year to acknowledge love and lovers. They think Valentine’s Day is a commercial rort designed to make money. Others feel cynical because love

has let them down in the past and they hide behind their heartache as they go about their day as if it were just like any other day. But it’s not like any other day is it?

Card displays in all the shops, reminders on television, radio and magazines that it is a day to acknowledge love. Perhaps it all comes down to one’s

interpretation of the word love? Or maybe the presence or lack of it in your life? Let’s just set aside the idea that all

love is romantic love and consider what else ‘love’ has to offer. There is the love we share with our family and friends, love we have for our children. There is love we have for our beloved pets and gardens and achievements. There is universal love; the kind we have for the world generally, our country, the people who served our nation or the ones who went before us, pioneering the way so that we might have it just that bit easier. There is love that links the worlds, a

bond between you and your kin in spirit that can never die and never be broken, despite what the illusion of grief and loss is telling you. Then there is the greatest love of

all, even though many of us find it the hardest love of all. Self-love. Self-love isn’t about walking around

and thinking how fabulous you are. That’s just narcissism! Self-love is about realising that you

have a valued place in this world, a place where your true worth isn’t measured by how many fans you have or how much money you have... but by how willing you are to give and receive love in all its forms. The world is a giant jigsaw puzzle that

includes a cut out space just for you. And it is self-love that will help you

discover just how you fit yourself into the big picture. So be kind to yourself and

acknowledge the love that is there rather than the love that isn’t. You are worth it.

Love and Light, Michelle and Ezio

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