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Feeling great and moving on from old emotional issues doesn’t have to be difficult... Clients often say to me, “I’ve had this issue for a while now; so I know it’s going to be difficult to clear.” We often assume that working through issues will take years of therapy, counselling, medical and/or psychological treatments. However, when you work energetically,

clearing the energy that’s keeping those old wounds in place, it doesn’t have to be a difficult, painful or drawn out process at all. In fact, most people find that things clear so quickly and easily, that they’re pleasantly surprised. Their body simply brings to their awareness whatever is at the source of their problem, and then we clear it energetically on all four levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – and they immediately feel lighter and happier and better able to move forward more easily in life. The thing is, everyone knows that when

you’re feeling lost, experiencing health issues or life problems, or finding it a struggle to create what you want in life, it’s difficult to feel good about yourself or

your life. Not only do you feel unwell in your physical body, but your relationships, work, energy levels and overall outlook on life can suffer enormously. And those things that are unhealed can end up negatively impacting on those around you as well. Which only magnifies things and makes it all the worse. My aim in working with clients is to

make their healing process as simple and as straight forward as possible. I use a variety of different modalities and tools, helping people clear their health issues, work and career challenges, relationship problems, as well as helping them get higher level guidance and direction in

 

  SYDNEY



Basic Aug 31- Sep 1

Advanced Sep 14-15

BASIC MAY 10th-11th


Psychotherapy Sep 28-29


Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul October 12-13

DISCOUNTS ON PACKAGE BOOKINGS Authorised organisers for Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s dynamic Pranic Courses, Specialised Workshops & International Masters visits in NSW.


 

VISION TRAINING MAR 15th-16th,17th&19th


DISCOUNTS ON PACKAGE BOOKINGS Authorised organisers for Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s dynamic Pranic Courses, Specialised Workshops & International Masters visits in NSW.

 

1800 332 772

their life purpose and how to successfully create what they want in life. Whether it’s a soul reading, a healing

consultation, a manifestation coaching session, or professional coaching you need – help is available. And it doesn’t matter where you’re located either. With the wonders of modern technology most of my clients are able to have their sessions via phone or skype; so distance isn’t an issue. It all works the same way, and it’s all highly effective. Just imagine what your life would be like if: • Your body was healthy • Your relationships were great • You had clear purpose and

direction, and • You knew exactly how to

successfully create what you want in life with greater ease and joy! It is possible. And it doesn’t have to be

a difficult or drawn out process either. I help people to clear their health

and life issues, connect with their life purpose, and learn how to create greater health, wealth, happiness and success in all areas of their lives.

If you’d love to be feeling healthy, happy and positive about your path ahead, give me a call on 0413 199 649 or visit my website for more details:


Where Science and Spirituality Unite

DNA/STEM CELL HEALING COURSES Based on the fundamental principles of quantum physics and the regeneration techniques of

with Carol Roberts at the Outrigger Twin Towns Resort - Coolangatta Beach QLD “Miracle Workers” T e Russian

Learn how to ‘embody’ your organs and systems and allow them to speak. Each organ has a ‘blueprint of optimal functioning.’ Once this blueprint is activated and within minutes, the organ will tell you it has a whole new operating system and has started the process of regeneration.

2 Day Basic Course 17-18th May 2014 • Heal your organs & systems

• Transform defective DNA

• Reprogram Stem Cells for regeneration

5 Day Personal Healing Intensive/Practitioner Certifi cation 19th-23rd May 2014 • Heal a whole lifetime of traumas in ONE session • Heal your genetic lineage

• Transform your relationships with planets negatively affecting your health

• Restore lost codes in telomeres for youth & vitality • Quantum boost your fi nances & relationships

BOOK NOW as spaces are limited!

Carol Roberts    

Go to for videos and testimonials Call Carol on 07 5535 7889 or 0407 972 277

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