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alcohol, which goes nowhere, I work with these clients on aligning, and on evolving their switch-over method to a chi practice. This allows them to embrace yang while being in a state of patience (yin) – which is what the alcohol is doing. Eventually, the urgent need for alcohol goes and they are able to enjoy a glass of wine or a drink for its social function or taste. Initially they do the chi practice around 5.30pm before they drink (as trying to change your lifestyle overnight is never practical) but then work towards shifting the chi practice to the morning and doing a conscious yin ‘handover’ at lunchtime. I always do a lunchtime meditation to get into an altered state, and allow a smooth transition from the yang of the morning to the yin of the afternoon, and I teach this to my clients as well. A lot of people don’t stop for lunch

because they feel that if they do, they ‘won’t get everything done’. But if you’re stressed about ‘getting everything done’, you’ve already got a yang rising imbalance. Getting your lifestyle cosmically aligned will slowly correct this. It will also make you healthier and more energetic so you’ll automatically be more productive, you’ll get plenty of things done, but things that take you towards your destiny. Also, as being aligned allows you to find your

cosmic self, you won’t waste time doing acquired things like making other people’s lives miserable or buying into other people’s attempts to make your life miserable. If you’ve had the fully acquired boss / colleague / relative or partner experience, you know how much time is wasted on the massive emotional dramas and conflict acquired behaviour can create. Even just entry level acquired behaviour wastes time. I recently moved out of a rental property. Jumped through all the hoops with cleaners and gardeners and left the place in better shape than it was when I moved in, but the career-oriented property manager decided to do the old white glove dust test under the house – and decided that until a ramshackle shelf in this area was dusted the bond would not be released. Being a traditional, elevated Queensland house, underneath was basically concrete and dirt, and it was like asking someone to dust the road. The ‘profession’, the physical, the need to impose control over others, had taken too much prominence. It led to hours and hours of discussion, paperwork, phone calls and emails; all of which could have been turned towards more productive activities. We have to do our physical jobs

here, and do them well, but if we do them (and everything else in life) with


Paradise – a divinely guided manual for personal, global and planetary healing

*Once in a while, an inspiring book comes into my life; one that prompts a journey deep within, one that aligns with my inner-most prayers and supports my inner-most


Join Jost for an inspiring retreat at the beautiful Shanti Agung on Bali’s exotic east coast. Immerse yourself in the mystical chi-cycle, discover the path to health, happiness and destiny, and enjoy delicious food, great company and the tranquil Balinese culture.


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Level 2, 21 Maple St Maleny QLD 20 march 2014 

 Important facts, beautiful insights, stories and poetry. Highly recommended. – Michelle Harris, Sacred Circus, Byron Bay & Brisbane


*Everyone needs to read, learn from and apply the teachings within this brilliant and very important book! – Geoff Guest, OAM

*We are accustomed to seeking deeper wisdom from eastern sages, or ancient writers. But here is a superb Australian contemporary writer of such pristine clarity, able to carry us beyond all normal self help books. Manifesting Paradise is a very important divinely guided manual for personal, global and planetary healing which offers distilled knowledge from many traditions, religions, areas of science, and intriguing tales from the authors own truly amazing life. If you need healing or are seeking

 Beautifully written. – Allister Lorden, Sustainability Alliance Australia

Manifesting Paradise – ISBN 978-1-4525-0975-4 Balboa Press 328 pages. $32.99

Distributed in Australia and NZ by Phoenix Distribution. Available in all good bookstores.

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constant reminders of our cosmic selves, the cosmic part of us becomes more real and we are less likely to get into acquired behaviour. The cosmic self is uninterested in gossip, uninterested in having opinions or judgment. It is free from reactive emotionality and accepting of everything. The cosmic self doesn’t look for value outside itself. The cosmic self doesn’t eat sandwiches and it doesn’t work through lunch. It understands how critical it is to roll with the cosmic flow of yin and yang. So have a warm meal and some cosmic awareness for lunch tomorrow. Follow yin and yang, dine in the palace, sit back and listen to the secrets of your soul and lick the cosmic self awareness plate clean. This will change the rest of the day and your future. The divine consciousness of your organs will cheer up and can then clear up the banquet and prepare for the afternoon’s yin slide to the grand finale of cosmic self-awareness at kidney time. And then you’ll really know who you are and what you are here for.

Jost Sauer is a registered acupuncturist, therapist and seminar presenter, and author of Higher and Higher, Drug Repair That Works and The Perfect Day Plan (published by Allen and Unwin).


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