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decorate the annals of history. Yet, time has not visited this place. History has not walked through this forest, its footprint missed this place. A different air is breathed here”. An ancient breeze blows though my

bones, disturbing. The silence screams in its wise and simple way. Implacable Nature, unsettles, beckoning a deeper enquiry. Can I listen? Am I capable? How do I approach such a tree? I watch others for a clue, observing, as

swarm after swarm of tourists descend upon this sacred sentinel. A cloud-like cacophony of accents,

lifting, lilting, laughing, the well dressed, unspoken self-importance of tourists, silently communicating they are from a better place and have ‘seen it all’ elsewhere – bigger, better, and more conveniently located. As Nature ushers them into Tane’s

presence, a hush descends, gasps, and whispers ensue, their well versed, world weary, educated importance displaced. We stand, a united nations of tourism,

dwarfed by Nature’s power, face to face with our mortality, our brief moment in history. Jaws drop, ripples of wonder and confusion, vain attempts to join the dots: alive since the time of Christ, 51.8 metres tall, 18.5 metres in girth. Ancient, ageing,


A beam of light radiates colour through the quartz crystals passing through to each chakra and into the body energetically realigning, invigorating and cleansing on all levels.

A session consists of lying on the bed for 20 minutes while listening to soothing music.



SCOUNT PRICERICE 45per session

ession CE

craggy-shaped against a stark, fresh, ageless blue sky. Something silky and silent stirs within,

reminding of the green fuse that runs through us all. A brief encounter unmasks the fear of

insignificance, momentarily connecting, reminding. The tyranny of Nature’s silence unsettles, the need to reassert control surfaces. iPhones click and whirr, freezing the moment, sending it into cyber-space, FB, Instagram, socmed. Fence off, dissect, understand, equate, measure, compare and dwarf. A moment of intimacy, frayed. The crowd thins. ‘Hmmm, nearly as big as the Sequoias’,

says the departing Canadian representative, dashing off, wife in tow, camera in hand, searching for the next natural attraction. All the while, in Nature’s quiet museum,

Tane, a tree that breathed the same air as Christ, silently inching its way upwards toward the light, offering a canopy of shade, and nesting branches for the passing birdlife. Silence once again descends with no-one

listening to the wisdom locked in its thrall. Tane stands. Still. Majestic. Regal. Sitting quietly, I watch as they come

and go, come and go, vainly searching for ways to dwarf the tree. My reverie continues. Nature leaves clues. Will I listen?

7 quartz crystals align with the 7 chakras of the human body


ERAPY benefits

Detoxifying Purifying Relaxing Regenerative Anti-aging Immune system support Assists deep sleep Raises consciousness


Please contact Jenny on 0409 191 999 or


Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation on the inner Light and Sound, ethical values, service to others and love for all creation.

Its goal is to enable the soul to return and merge into its source; the purpose of human life described by mystics of all traditions. Focus and sincerity are essential, as is the help of the living spiritual Master.

Know Thyself as Soul Foundation is a non-profit incorporated association. It offers its services free of charge.

For further information call 1800 462 193 or visit


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Carmel Bell is one of the world’s top medical intuitives. She’s so intuitive that she foretold her own death and told her husband and her doctor. She moreover told them that, even though she’d be dead for quite a while, she should be revived because she had it within her own powers to heal herself. Sure enough, she died in bed one night ...

I can attest that she’s alive and kicking now – I’m having lunch with her next week. [Ed]

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Let’s stop pretending. You have lost

your connection. Is this tree talking to me? Or am I lost

in quiet imaginings? I can no longer tell. A strange malady is sweeping

the world: spiritual Alzheimer’s, characterised by a convenient forgetting of our deep natural memories. But all is not lost. Nature can lead you

home. She offers reliable, dependable clues. How do I approach such a wise and

ancient tree, so willing to sha re its bounty? I fall silent. A petite Japanese woman

approaches. She stands facing the tree. Silent. Still. Slowly she stretches out her arms, raises

them high above her head and slowly brings her palms to her heart, bowing her head. A thrill of energy passes between her and the tree, a connection, a mutual revelling in the gift of recognition. Humility. Majesty resounds. I stand. Approach. Bow.

Julian Noel, founder of Shine, vision holder, leader, connector. Presenter. Consultant. Coach. Facilitator. Maker of unreasonable requests. Sacred activist. Shine is a community that supports people to act on their inspiration, find their true purpose and helps them do what they love to do. We are creating a world where everyone shines.


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