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Our digital device lifestyle and poor posture is creating a rise in chronic neck and back pain – but a interactive electronic device can alleviate the problem. Remedial therapist Bronette Minelli

said resorting to drug based treatment should be the last option. “It’s just not good enough to use drugs to suppress painful symptoms,” Ms Minelli said. “Apart from the problems or dangers of

prescription medication, the body needs an opportunity to heal itself. Pain is a signal that something’s just not right” Ms Minelli uses Electronic Neuro

Adaptive Regulation, (ENAR) therapy that was the subject of a formal study at Macquarie University. In the study ENAR therapy was tested against conventional TENS electro

therapy in a randomised control trial. Dr Rod Bonello, associate professor at Macquarie University, said the study showed “dramatic and sustained results with chronic neck pain and related disability”. It also prompted mental and emotional improvements as well. Ms Minelli’s said ENAR therapy

worked by: • A non-invasive (no needles) type of gentle interactive electro stimulation.

• Finding and treating key-points interactively on the skin’s surface.

• The body recognises and prioritises these problems and

• The body heals itself. “Nerve adaptation brings balance in

the body.” Said Ms Minelli “Adaptation really is part of evolution itself, and its pivotal in pain relief and healing.” “Just one or two treatments of ENAR

therapy will indicate whether it’s useful for the patient.” “If their problem is ongoing they can rent or buy their own device and do therapy by themselves.” M’s Minelli’s offers ENAR therapy

through her practice in Scarborough WA.

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• The World Beyond Today • Adventure into Transformation • Ancient Memories, New Beginnings

“Braco brings us home to ourselves!”

- PROF. ALEXANDER SCHNEIDER Founder, Word Healing Congress

“The messages brought to us are fascinating, enriching and profound. For those searching for the formula for peace and a lifetime of joy,


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I strongly recommend ‘Adventure into Transformation’.” [Jennifer Skiff – award- winning TV producer and best-selling author of “God Stories” and “The Divinity of Dogs”]

”] “Thanks so much for ‘Adventure into Transformation’.

It’s wonderful. And I liked that it is short and to the point in each chapter.” [Soleira Green, strategic visionary, author, consultant and review director of S.O.U.L., UK] “I read Merriene’s book ‘The World Beyond Today’ and

could not put it down. An outstanding read and I identified with many of the concepts being presented ... great for getting in touch with some of the truths of our world.” [Graeme Alford – leadership excellence consultant, professional speaker] Now available as eBooks – Amazon and iTunes





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