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Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. [Aristotle] Is the dream of permanent happiness achievable or is it a ‘new age’ myth?

by Marc White!

IN HIS BEAUTIFUL 1970s hit song Open Up Your Heart, G. Wayne Thomas sings: “There’s no formula for happiness that’s guaranteed to work.” In this article I am going to prove him wrong. There is a formula for happiness that’s guaranteed to work, and I’ll give it to you free of charge, along with a real life example of someone who has been blissfully using it for nearly two decades. When I talk about achieving

permanent happiness, I don’t mean you are going to be happy every minute of every day. You will still feel painful emotions and still have challenges to face, maybe even the odd drama, but you will be in a permanent condition in which you always return to your default state of happiness as soon as you have dealt with the negative stuff. Does that sound appealing?

HAPPINESS IS GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY Do you realise that by being happy you are serving the world? Your happiness rubs off on everyone and everything in your community and that’s a great reason to stop feeling guilty about investing time and energy in your own happiness. There is nothing admirable about

being depressed, stressed out and anxious. Yes we need to accept, feel and release our negative emotions, but there is just no value in constantly re-living them or repeatedly whingeing about things. Whatever you focus your attention on increases. So deal with the painful things and then quickly shift your energy back onto the positives.

SCIENTIFIC STUDIES Scientists have found that we all have a “happiness set-point”, partially inherited and partially conditioned, that we tend

to remain at. One study showed that 50% of our happiness is determined by genetics and 10% by our circumstances. The other 40% is determined by our habitual thoughts and feelings. This is wonderful news because it means we can increase our default level of happiness by thinking happy thoughts and feeling happy emotions. We can actually choose to be happier! What’s more, we can choose to be unconditionally happy.

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY I asked a number of self-help experts what they think people most need to do to be happy and here’s what some of them had to say: Getting what you want is only .01% of

what will enrich your life and make you happy. The other 99.99%? Doing for both yourself and others what pleases you and them and adds value to their lives. If you do that, you will be

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