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pregnancy and motherhood and the flow of love between you. Oxytocin is greatly beneficial to all aspects of our relationship with love, the ability to empathise with others, be kind to ourselves, and feel safe. Even our healthy sexual functioning and ability to orgasm are deeply affected. The Primal Health Research Centre (the

brainchild of famous French obstetrician and oxytocin expert, Michel Odent) has a data bank with hundreds of studies of the links between the ‘primal period’ and health and behaviour later in life. Likewise the American Pre Perinatal Psychology And Health website and journals indicate that an ‘impaired capacity to love’ has clear correlations with risk factors surrounding birth. So what can we do if we weren’t lucky

enough to arrive in a bubble of bliss? How do we release subconscious beliefs, liberate our limbic imprints? How can we ‘create our own reality’ and allow more comfort and ease with love and peace? How can we create a lasting connection with ourselves, others and our world? Is it possible to have the life we say we want, but for some reason keep sabotaging? Many modalities, both modern and

ancient, espouse the path to healing subconscious beliefs. The idea that we can indeed hold strong sway over our inner world is becoming quite mainstream, and more and more accessible to everyone, every day. The ‘power of positive thinking’ has progressed and grown up, quite significantly! To name just a few – Energy Psychology

modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) have their roots in ancient meridian-based therapies like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The common denominator underlying energy psychology techniques involves stimulating or releasing blocked energy, whether by tapping, touching, or intention. Psych-K is a process that initiates a whole brain state, balancing right-left

brain hemispheres while restimulating subconscious beliefs, to create change in the habitual mind. Known as a ‘high speed mindset change’, Psych-K was designed in the words of its founder Robert M Williams, MA, “to help humanity catch up with the technological advances we have made, which outstrip the wisdom to know how to use them”. There’s Psychodrama & Experiential

Group Therapy; an exploratory, enactment modality, where many transpersonal elements come into play. Meditative Self Inquiry methods offered

by the Insight Meditation Community and teachers like Byron Katie dismantle the structures of held beliefs, identifying ones own thoughts as the cause of suffering, thus effecting change. Interpersonal Neurobiology is an

emerging, multi-disciplinary field that has many applications from the prenatal period through to the ageing process, and involves the integration of science and spirituality. Dr Daniel Siegal (author, Professor of Psychiatry) proposes that “Integration is at the heart of wellbeing”. He puts forward the theory of ‘transpiration’; an expanded identity that acknowledges human and planetary interconnection through cultivating ‘mindsight’ and developing integration of our individual and collective lives. Rebirthing (aka Breathwork), Primal

Therapy and Prenatal and Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy approach change by going back to the source of all perceptions, the earliest experiences of life, being conception, gestation and birth. Having been blessed with beautiful,

expansive birth experiences, I became fascinated with the evolutionary potential of birth. I discovered the Russian visionary Elena Tonetti Vladimirova and the Birth Into Being Method she has created in over 30 years of working with conscious procreation. It involves a range of processes that utilises concepts of neuroplasticity and epigenetics, creating new cellular

memories, strengthening neural pathways to allow love in, creating a deep sense of well-being, safety and personal empowerment. Without indulging in what was, you simply create a new memory, an alternative route for the emotional body, a parallel reality for the nervous system to adhere to. Using a multi-sensory approach it is possible to revise the subconscious emotional comfort zone with current-day, conscious intention. This ‘in the body’ experience of being

conceived, gestated and born in love and ecstasy can have a profound impact on one’s experience of life, love and creativity. Limbic Imprint ReCoding is wonderful for preconception or pregnant couples, and anyone seeking deeper understanding of their recurrent patterns, ready to shift inhibiting or imbalanced beliefs that obscure the truth of themselves, or their life’s purpose. It enables us to create the life we say we want – free of the neural constructs of our past. In the big picture, we can create an upgraded version of our species through healing ourselves, then bringing in the next generation without trauma. Author Bruce Lipton says, “Conscious

parenting is the rule of the day to help us evolve from the planetary mess we are in.” Addressing the gap between the way we were parented, and the way we wish to parent is an integral part of the Conscious Parenting path. Likewise, even for those without children, parenting our inner child in the way we wish we had been, unobstructing the flow of life force, loosening up the limbic system to allow love in, is vital if we wish to embody conscious evolution.

Nicole – homebirth mother of two, Birth Into Being practitioner, filmmaker, performing artist, public speaker, natural birth passionista... Oxytocin enthusiast and change agent/ provocateur of birth practices since her own life changing birth experiences in 2002.

ReAligning ReScripting ReConnecting

Conscious Evolution in Action

Are you ready to release old beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you? Re-align with your original intent for life?

Attend 1 day or 10, for personal healing or training April 1st - 10th • Melbourne Using neuroplasticity, create pathways to an

embodied, purposeful, powerful state of Being. Heal your early life with current, conscious intention.

Re-code your nervous system with experiences based on love and bliss... Limbic Imprint ReCoding 10 Day Intensive

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