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very compatible. Astrologers call this ‘the steamroller combination’ – fire has the vision and earth carries it out. Fire performs on stage and earth does all the hard work behind the scenes. Richards is famous for exhausting band members and sound engineers spending days on end in the studio without sleep, perfecting recordings and doing multiple takes. Jagger manages all the band finances and the two of them work as a team, though we could say that Mick is probably more driven by fun, fame, status and money (Leo and Taurus) whereas Keith is driven by fun, freedom, wilfulness and perfection (Sagittarius and Virgo). If we combine their two charts to form

a chart of their relationship, the sun is conjunct Venus, planet of beauty, love and creativity, meaning that deep down, these two love each other deeply and enjoy creating together. They also have a Jupiter-Pluto-north node conjunction in Leo in their relationship chart – a combination connected with ego, wealth, fame, success and achievement. The sun forms a stressful angle to the moon – that’s why they fight, break up, but then get back together again. On that fateful October day back

in 1961, Keith had transiting Neptune conjunct his natal Venus and both of them had transiting Venus conjunct natal

Neptune. Transiting Jupiter conjuncted Juno, goddess of marriage, in their relationship chart. These are soul mate combinations and this day marked the start of a romantic and creative relationship that has lasted over 50 years. As Keith writes: “Mick and I had a totally identical taste in music. We never needed to question or explain. It was all unsaid. Everything was to do with sound. We’d hear a record and go: ‘That’s wrong, that’s faking’. That’s real. I love the man!” Like Keith Richards, I have sun in

Sagittarius, moon in Virgo and Venus in Scorpio and though life has taken me down different pathways, I’m a huge fan, which is why, on 28th March, I’ll be dancing and singing along with the rest of the audience, paying tribute to my fire sign heroes at their 14 On Fire tour.

MARS RETROGRADE – ALIGNING ACTIONS AND GOALS WITH TRUE NATURE Mars is the ‘he-man’ of the planetary pantheon. The red-blooded warrior. The god of war. However Mars has two sides to his character – the civilised and the primitive. The Roman god Mars represents the civilised side of Mars – the desire to be powerful and the ability to take risks and set and achieve goals. By contrast, the Greek god Ares

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(cf Aries) represents the more primitive side of Mars- a fierce warrior driven by passion, rage and lust and the primary force behind accidents, arguments, injury and violence. This primitive side of Mars comes to the fore during the Mars retrograde period, which occurs for two to three months approximately every two years. Mars in the birth chart is CEO to

the sun, externalising the ego’s desire for accomplishment and helping us express our individuality. Mars themes include: will, desire, libido, courage, passion, energy, spirit and anger. When the sun and Mars work well together, we are able to achieve our goals in a constructive fashion. Not so when Mars moves to oppose the sun during the Mars retrograde cycle ... the wilful CEO goes his own way instead of following orders from the Board! Many of us suppress our true needs or nature in an effort to please others and keep the peace. The symbolic purpose of the Mars retrograde cycle is to force us to align our actions and goals (Mars) with our true nature (the sun). In mid-February, the sun and Mars

were in harmonious aspect (trine) and projects and relationships flowed along smoothly and almost effortlessly- the calm before the storm... On 2nd March, Mars turns retrograde

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