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Glimmer Twins celebrate golden wedding

ICONIC ROCK GROUP The Rolling Stones are gracing our shores this month for yet another world tour entitled ’14 On Fire. Despite the ups and downs of their personal lives and an often hostile and passionate relationship, lead singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards (aka The Glimmer Twins) started playing music together in their late teens and have been together for better or worse ever since. They’ve worked together for over 50 years and written over 500 songs – a remarkable partnership by anyone’s estimate! To quote Richards: “He needs me and I need him.”

Astrologers love to dissect the ins and

outs of relationships and see exactly what chemistry keeps people together, or indeed blows them apart. So what exactly is the Jagger-Richards magic formula? The pair first met at a railway station in Dartford, Kent, on the morning of October 17, 1961, when Mick was 18 and Keith was 17. They recognised each other because they’d both attended the same primary school. Mick had a bunch of American blues records under his arm, all by artists that Keith worshipped – it was love at first sight. Mick Jagger was born on 26/7/43 at

 

 

   


   

 34 march 2014

2.30am in Dartford, Kent, with no less than six planets in showy and competitive fire sign Leo-the perfect signature for a rock god. Mick’s rising sign (personality) is in youthful Gemini conjunct rebellious Uranus, giving him that androgynous look combined with an incredible amount of energy and a penchant for flirtatious and provocative behaviour. However that youthful persona disguises an innate stubbornness and conservatism with his moon (emotions and inner life) and Mars (action planet) both in sensible, practical and hard-working Taurus in the most hidden part of his birth chart, with Venus (relationships) in sensible and modest Virgo. As a youth Mick attended the prestigious London School of Economics and has always loved shows of wealth and status, owning a chateau in the Loire Valley which he describes as: “A haven of peace in the Valley of the Kings.” Keith Richards has openly criticised “Sir Mick” for accepting a knighthood from the British Establishment – the very people who tried to jail the Rolling Stones for drug offences in their early days. Keith Richards, a Sagittarian, was

born on 18/12/43 at 6am also in Dartford, Kent. Richards is more of a maverick than Jagger, with his chart ruler Mars in Gemini conjunct unconventional Uranus. His wealth has bought him the freedom that all Sagittarians crave, plus the ability to live outside the system and explore his musical interests. A Scorpio ascendant and 12th house Venus in Scorpio account for his mystery aura and love of black leather and skull jewellery. Scorpio has taken him into some dark places – he was a heroin addict for 10 years and has always been attracted to people on the fringe, coming close to death and imprisonment on many occasions. In his autobiography ‘Life’ he notes that all his best friends have been in jail and that drugs were his way of dealing with fame and putting up a barrier so he could focus on the music. However Keith’s innate Sagittarian

luck has kept him alive and got him out of many a scrape. Like a true Sagittarian, he’s lived much of his life outside his native land and is married to an American. And behind his bad boy image, Richards is incredibly well- read with his own private library where he spends hours listening to all types of music including Mozart. With the moon in caring and practical Virgo, he has helped hundreds of people, many of them anonymously. Keith is a loyal friend, and his mother describes him as ‘a shy boy’. In fact with all that Virgo and Scorpio, he hasn’t always enjoyed being a rock star. “I’m not really that way inclined”, he says, “I’d have been happy to make all those records anonymously.” So, both Jagger and Richards are fire

signs (Leo and Sagittarius) with earth sign moons (Taurus and Virgo) and therefore


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