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All healing work is helpful. So I couldn’t understand why, despite doing inner child work, painful experiences kept arriving in different packages. And where was joy & abundance? Confused & disappointed, I wondered what I was doing wrong. Then I discovered I wasn’t doing anything

wrong (or right). Someone else was! My ‘Needy Inner Child’ was running things behind the scenes. Unsurprisingly, after dismissing, ignoring

& rejecting my inner child, & despite its generous loving welcome when I finally turned up, it couldn’t trust me. No wonder things weren’t working. As you integrate the missing trust which

builds during the program, the barriers separating you from accessing love joy & abundance disintegrate.

We facilitate this gentle but powerful Pathways of Light® program, based on A Course in Miracles. In Fremantle & teleconference. March, $480. Contact: or 0402 414 826 for information & bookings on this & ‘Accessing Inner Wisdom’ counselling, spiritual relationship counselling, spiritual awakening groups & ACIM study groups.


by Australian author Jude Garrecht

•Read Jude’s own story & how she healed

her Wounded Woman •Heal your own

Wounded Woman

•Healing Cards to connect with your inner Goddess

Wo Workshops a ai able thr ugh ut Aust al savaillable throughout Australiia & New Zealand to order your signed copy!

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Most people that read the above list of six goals begin to chuckle when they get to #6. It’s as if #6 seems so outrageous, that it must be some sort of joke. After all, how on earth can you make money without spending money? The truth is, you can achieve some

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