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06 I have known love by Carmel Bell I have known fear. I still know fear. But it is not a lack of fear that makes me brave. It is being afraid and still trusting in the organ that beats in my chest; contains more neurons than the brain and holds all the memories of every single moment.

08 Conversations with Nature by Julian Noel Spending time in Nature is precious. When we take the time to settle the busy-ness of our mind, we can hear its gentle promptings; it speaks to us in a language we are slowly losing touch with.

12 Love and the limbic system by Nicole Moore Individually and collectively, we have long endured a troubled relationship to love. Applying intention, attention and the science of epigenetics we can heal our internal access to love via the limbic imprint.

14 Green smoothies – rocket fuel for your body by Casey Conroy Drinking green smoothies is the easiest, cheapest, yummiest and most efficient way to increase the volume of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

16 Gratitude – a cure for depression? by Toni Powell It felt like I had a train in my brain going around and around carrying a relentless pattern of sad, mad thoughts that I couldn’t turn off.

18 The mystical chi cycle and the map to destiny, part 5 by Jost Sauer The most common thing I hear is ‘I don’t know who I am’ or ‘I’m nobody’. Society is responsible for the construction of the self. This keeps therapists in business and will do for a long time because, from the Daoist perspective, the chi of society is toxic.

21 My place – my peace In this new feature we find out how two successful people go about finding their place of inner peace to recharge their batteries.

22 Calendar and directory 23 Ripple News

30 Does your inner child trust you? by Paul and Fabian Foley Despite your best intentions your relationship with your Inner Child can be missing the fundamental ingredient of trust, and fear remains stifling your creative potential abundance and your truth. When trust is found it heals you... and the world.

32 Decide to love yourself and see your life change by Debbie A. Anderson Release yourself from not loving YOU. Once you set yourself on the path to the most powerful love you can ever expect to receive, your vibration will be fulfilled.

34 Astrology – Stargazer for March

37 Permanent happiness : fact or fiction? by Marc White! Is the dream of permanent happiness achievable or is it a ‘new age’ myth?

39 Hypnosis: the quiet revolution by Michael Yapko Once considered by most mental health professionals as unworthy of consideration, hypnosis is increasingly recognised as an established and vital component of mental health and behavioural medicine programs in the finest institutions.

40 Reviews – books and CDs

42 Stop compromising yourself for love by Blake D. Bauer Underneath painful situations and relationships is the empowering and healing truth that we’re not actually victims in any way, because we’re the ones who have compromised ourselves for the conditional love.

44 The parking angel and the spy in the sky by Lee Carroll Synchronicity and our place in the Universe, an important and yet misunderstood subject, which Kryon puts into perspective.

46 Interview – Drs Tad & Adriana James They wake up in the morning excited because they get to help people. People are hungry for knowledge and to learn techniques to make a difference in their lives.

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