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MASTERING THE BAND SAW Location: Room T-7 at Palomar College San Marcos Saturday: March 17, 2012 Instructor: Robert Jacobson

SHARPENING WOODWORKING TOOLS Location: Room T-17 at Palomar College San Marcos

8:30am – 4pm Fee: $95.00

Do you own a band saw and not know how to properly tune, maintain and operate it? This class is designed to show you how to tune your band saw for optimum performance. It will also provide you with information on blade guides, cool blocks and bearings and saw blades to help you obtain the best performance from your saw. You will have the opportunity to use a number of different sized band saws and blades; you will go home having made a band saw box. Additionally, you will see how to properly cut a cabriole leg and then cut one yourself. Students will see a PowerPoint presentation on the band and its various components. Handouts will include a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and other information each student can use at home to properly tune and maintain a band saw. A $20 lab fee (cash only) will be collected in class to cover the cost of the handouts and the wood used during the course of the day. Please bring a sack lunch.

MASTERING DOVETAIL ROUTER JIGS Location: Room T-17 at Palomar College San Marcos Saturday: April 14, 2012 Instructor: William Cox

Saturday: February 4, 2012 Instructor: Jerry Pendzick

8:30am – 4pm Fee: $95.00

Tired of working with dull tools? Trying to keep your tools sharp on a budget? The Cabinet and Furniture Technology Department at Palomar College offers a comprehensive one-day course in how to sharpen your most frequently used woodworking tools. You will learn how to sharpen chisels, handplane irons, and hand scrapers. Techniques taught will include: understanding tool metallurgy and common sharpening methods to include waterstones, diamond plates, and the “Scary Sharp” method. Use of low speed and high speed grinding wheels will be discussed. Each student will have a “hands-on” opportunity to sharpen a tool. Instruction and demonstrations of sharpening curved tools such as carving gouges, lathe turning tools, spokeshaves and other chair-making tools will also be provided. Course materials will include a comprehensive handout describing the techniques listed above. We recom- mend that you bring a sack lunch to this workshop.

8:30am – 4pm Fee: $95.00

This workshop is designed to familiarize you with the various capabilities of the many dovetail fixtures. Starting with basic definitions, we will explore the different types of dovetail joints and their uses in woodworking. Dovetail jigs range in price from $50 to $500 and many of these jigs will be compared and demonstrated in class. Discussion will include jig setup and adjustment, stock preparation, router considerations and safety issues. Towards the end of the seminar, you will be given time for hands-on operation as well as have a chance to get one-on-one assistance. A sack lunch is recommended.

MASTERING THE TABLE SAW Location: Room T-16 at Palomar College San Marcos Saturday: February 11, 2012 Instructor: Chris Feddersohn

SQUARING LUMBER WITH MACHINE SAFETY & ACCURACY Location: Room T-17 at Palomar College San Marcos Saturday: February 25, 2012 Instructor: Mike Broomell

8:30am – 4pm Fee: $95.00

8:30am – 4pm Fee: $95.00

This workshop will cover all the basic informa- tion needed to safely operate a table saw. The mechanical make-up and tuning requirements of your saw will be addressed. Students will explore different saw attachments and various blades and cutters and investigate specialized jigs and fixtures that will enable them to do joinery and advanced machine work in a safe and accurate manner. If you own a table saw or plan to, this class is a must! Chris Feddersohn has taught woodworking, furniture, and cabinet design at the college level for 20 years. A sack lunch is recommended. An optional book is available for a $20 fee.

PEN TURNING Location: Room T-16 at Palomar College San Marcos Saturday: April 7, 2012 Instructor: Ken Haines

Making great furniture begins with making accurate parts. This workshop is designed to take the students through the important process of squaring wood. By learn- ing the steps that professionals use, students will gain the ability and confidence to machine accurate parts. Students will receive safety instruction and hands-on practice on a variety of different power tools. They will learn to safely use the radial arm saw, compound miter saw, jig saw, and hand saws for crosscutting. They will also have the opportunity to learn the proper use of hand planes and the joiner to make a reference face. They will practice using the planer to make wood the proper thickness. Students will then be given instruction in the use of the table saw to properly crosscut and rip. Special- ized jigs and fixtures will also be introduced. Students should bring a sack lunch and safety glasses. (Glasses will also be available to purchase for $5.) A materials fee of $10 (cash only) will be collected in class.

8:30am – 4pm Fee: $95.00

Students will learn basic wood lathe techniques primarily applied to pen turning. Each student will have a lathe and needed tools available as well as a pen kit. Students will learn to cut material with lathe tools which will greatly eliminate sanding of the finished product, and various finishes will be discussed. This class will also focus on the procedures of how to turn wood that has voids or fissures; how to inlay a medium of your choice into those voids; deal with and take advantage of most problems; sand in a way that will help you get the best finish possible; and assemble one of the more difficult pen kits (Classic American Twist). Safety operations will be emphasized. May use local or exotic woods that can cause an allergic reaction. A sack lunch is recommended. A $20 materials fee (cash only) will be collected in class.

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