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Car Test ŠKODA Superb and Octavia

This month we review two great cars from ŠKODA, the Superb and Octavia. First up, we look at the Superb, a vehicle which has developed its own pedigree over several decades and established itself as a leading saloon, estate and hatchback.

Whichever model you choose, the Superb has balanced exterior proportions, a sporty silhouette and dynamic horizontal lines which make it a very attractive vehicle. ŠKODA’s technological advances have been at the forefront of automotive engineering and we were very impressed with the full Matrix LED headlights of the Superb which, using a windscreen camera, can detect a car in front or in oncoming traffic.

The high beam adjusts itself incrementally and ensures you get the best view without blinding other drivers, an excellent touch we felt. There’s also a lovely electric panoramic sunroof that provides extra sunlight and fresh air at the touch of a button, and the Trizone Climate Control enables different cabin temperatures to be set. We also liked the humidity sensor, which reduces windscreen misting. The Virtual Cockpit puts essential information right in front of your eyes with the customisable 10.25" digital display, which replaces the traditional instrument display.

The Superb is a very pleasurable car to drive and there are ventilated front seats with massage functionality for the driver's seat, allowing you to travel in real comfort. The drive is smooth and controlled and we were impressed by the Dynamic Chassis, which ensures the car’s suspension is constantly adapting to suit the road and driving conditions. In fact, the whole car feels like its working with you and the DSG gearbox automatically adapts to your driving style, whilst taking road conditions into account. Connectivity is excellent and you can be fully online, and thanks to the Superb’s smart assistance systems, you’ll also know the best places to park, shortcuts to take and routes to avoid.

The 19" Supernova alloy wheels with anti-theft wheel bolts add an aesthetic flourish to the Superb and this car, whether you go for the S, SE, SE L or Sportline Plus model, is a beautifully designed, thoroughly modern vehicle which can be configured to suit your specific needs.

We also had the pleasure of testing the ŠKODA Octavia. The Hatch SE L 1.5 TSI model which we tested has a top speed of 134 mph, can return up to 44.8 mpg and can reach 62 mph in just 9 seconds. Like the Superb, the modern Octavia is a great looking car, with dynamic lines and a bold grille this is a very attractive vehicle whether you choose the SE Drive, SE L or Sportline model.

From the outside, the exterior styling and crystalline touches are impressive, while inside the smart connectivity features and safety assistant systems leave an equally strong first impression. We really liked the adaptive front light system which, as in the Superb, adjusts light intensity to match the conditions, providing a wider lighting field for city driving and a longer reach for motorways.

Climbing into the passenger cabin we felt that the interior of the Octavia was inviting and intuitive. The infotainment system enables different drivers to save their individual preferences, from seat positioning and driving mode to the choice of music on the radio, all determined by which key you use. As with all the ŠKODA range, connectivity is excellent, enabling you to be fully online whilst travelling and there’s great satellite navigation, traffic reports and calendar updates and Emergency Call will contact the emergency services in the event of an accident to get you the help you need. The Octavia is a car packed with intelligent driver systems and design features, and there’s plenty of space too. The luggage capacity can be enhanced thanks to a host of clever design features that increase practicality. For example, remote folding seats operated by a remote lever makes easy work of gaining extra space by automatically folding the rear seat backrests.

There are thoughtful safety features too, such Front Assist, which monitors the distance from the vehicle ahead, automatically braking to help avoid any collisions, and Predictive Pedestrian Protection which also helps to prevent accidents by reducing the car’s speed should someone unexpectedly cross your path.

The ŠKODA Superb range starts at £24,890 whilst the Octavia is available from £23,530. For full details visit or call their customer care team on 03330 037 504.



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