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 

Elaut has launched new Player Shields designed to both enhance the appearance of games and FECs and to provide a safety and distancing solution for counters and Elaut 3P and 6P coin pushers. The shields are made from highly durable PETG plastic. The LED cabinet corners transmit the light through the shield, accentuating its presence on the machine. The decorative etching adds style and sophistication to each shield. They are simple and easy to install or disassemble, with no technical degree required.

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Photobooth manufacturer Digital Centre (DC) has launched an auto- matic custom mask kiosk, with the aim of helping operators to improve health and safety standards for reopening. The new Selfi e Photo Mask can feature a range of designs, such as the customer’s face, logos, seasonal designs or any photo from the customer’s phone. Customers take a photo at the kiosk and select design, size and quantity. Masks are washable and have an interior pocket to insert disposable PM2.5 fi lters. There are three different sizes available: small, medium and large.

   

Trials for Andamiro USA’s new Marvel’s Avengers coin pusher will be ready to be- gin in late July. One model has a super- hero collectible card series featuring nine Avengers, and another model operates without cards. Both versions incorporate ticket redemption play and have two player stations.

Avengers is a feature-rich, rapid-fi re coin pusher inspired by the Infi nity Stones storyline in the “Avengers” movies by Marvel Studios. It is the fi rst arcade game developed under the Andamiro-Disney creative alliance formed in 2019. Players fi re tokens at a moving target wheel to win tickets and other rewards, and to populate the pusher playfi eld. The game’s main objective is to “push” the Infi nity Stones, which also reside on the playfi eld, off the ledge.


Valomotion has released new interactive AR climbing game Hullaballoon. A group game for 1 to 4 people, players pop, swipe, tap and squeeze the balloons projected onto the wall  body tracking software ValoVision. Special balloons – curling stones, footballs, swords – give the players exceptional abili- ties. These special balloons vary from game to game, making each round unique and surprising. The game tempo adapts in real-time to how the player is playing. At the end of each game, the players are invited to share their gameplay video and highscores on social media directly from the touchscreen that comes with each ValoClimb unit.

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UK fi rm Ventola Projects has launched an advanced kiosk system that helps operators man- age entry and exit, and check visitors have normal body tem- peratures to within an accuracy of 0.5°C. Aimed at businesses looking for ways to safeguard the health of customers as they re-open, the system can also dispense hand sanitiser and even check and remind people to wear face masks. Able to make bookings and take payments, the 4G/5G compatible VAvR iCheck range is an app-friendly and effi cient solution for reopening businesses. There are six ‘plug ‘n’ play’ kiosk models to suit var- ious contexts and requirements, and each wall-mounted or free-standing unit is robust and weatherproof for outdoor use.

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