Ticketing & Capacity Management – Part 2

operations, leveraging our technology to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for guests. This work has included strategic enhancements to capacity management through the use of our eCommerce solution’s date- and time-specific online ticketing tools and the expansion (or implementation) of virtual queuing offerings. At the gate, achieving physical distancing is most

easily done by setting an arrival time for each guest as they purchase tickets online. Operators can leverage pricing strategies like time- and date-specific ticketing to assuage the concerns of guests and travellers by placing careful controls on attendance volume. With the right technology in place, like accesso Passport ticketing, operators are presented the opportunity to achieve their attendance projections and revenue goals without overcrowding their venue, providing guests with an innovative solution that directly addresses potential concerns. Once guests are inside the park, queues become

another important aspect of physical distancing. Standing in long lines in anticipation of your favorite ride will be a thing of the past. Many theme parks and attractions are already implementing virtual queuing that saves guests’ places in line while they enjoy other areas of the park. While this serves as a safe physical distancing measure, it also allows guests to experience and enjoy more of the park in the time they would’ve spent waiting in line. This time will be especially valuable for guests returning to their most beloved destinations now that gates are reopening.

Virtual queuing Technology plays an integral role in catering to guests’ wants, needs and expectations. While in the past we thought of virtual queuing as a premium add- on, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge which virtual queuing can help operators overcome. By leveraging virtual queues, especially for popular rides and attractions, operators can reduce the time guests spend standing in line, close to other eager riders. Virtual queuing technology – like our award-

winning accesso LoQueue solution – will be an invaluable tool for operators as it allows for physical distancing by dynamically adjusting – in real time – to unpredictable variables, such as guest flow and operational changes. It also allows venues to employ real-time capacity optimization and real-time communication with guests via their own mobile device. This leads me to an important point about what

sets true virtual queuing apart from more simple ride reservation systems. Virtual queuing is dynamic and takes into account real-time variables such as weather impacts, ride load times, ride cars being added or removed from a track, and more. Our accesso LoQueue solution offers a truly dynamic virtual queue that adjusts the guest’s return time based on operating conditions, weather and other behavior to keep queues moving efficiently while also providing real-time updates to the guest. For theme parks and attractions to fully ensure the safety of their guests once gates reopen, it’s crucial

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that the technology they rely on empowers them to remain nimble and agile, regardless of circumstance. While we have served the theme park and

attractions industry for decades, this unusual time has allowed us to adapt our offerings to be used in new ways and provide much-needed solutions to our partners across the globe. The most recent evolution in the history of accesso’s virtual queuing technology is the rollout of our “100% Virtual Queuing” initiative, which was designed to address operator uncertainty and guest safety concerns as the tourism economy begins to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic. This programme, already adopted by Walibi Holland in the Netherlands and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Indiana, allows operators to make contactless virtual queuing technology available to all of their guests. The solution is easy for operators to implement and equally easy for the end-user: the solution utilises guests’ own smartphones and is accessed by logging into a webpage (no mobile app download required). By offering a traditionally premium offering at no

additional cost, operators can eliminate a major point of concern for potentially hesitant travellers. And, as guests begin to reunite at their most beloved destinations, they can do it all with the free convenience of virtual queuing, mapping out their day with the use of this technology to make the most of the time they spend on-site. Regardless of circumstance, virtual queuing

provides added benefits for operators and guests alike, maximising the guest’s on-site experience while opening up additional revenue-driving opportunities for operators by freeing guests to spend more time in retail, and food & beverage locations. Last year alone, accesso’s virtual queuing technology empowered over 38 million guests to step out of lines, and we expect that is only going to grow as more theme parks and attractions have an increased focus on physical distancing and improving the guest experience. In these times, making the most of the data at your disposal is more crucial than ever. With the right


ticketing and eCommerce

solutions are just a couple of the technologies we’re seeing take centre stage during these times

Credit: accesso

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