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Adventure around every turn A series of water rides designed for your most adventurous of guests include features such as river crossings, climbing walls, drop slides, and inflatable obstacle courses. Designed within a compact footprint, these innovative layouts fit into compact design plans and are the perfect attention grabber for guests of every age. “Our Otter Banks expansion included an Adventure

Lagoon water ride which was the perfect expansion attraction,” noted John Gannon, general manager of Zoombezi Bay, Powell, Ohio. “By maximising in-water play and deck space, the ride helped us achieve the capacity we needed for a record yea. We achieved a 52,000 person increase in one season and we attribute most of that to the addition of our new Adventure Lagoon water ride.” Adventure rides not only have a small footprint and high

capacity level, but also allow for longer length-of-stay. If you are looking to increase food and beverage revenues, position an adventure ride near an F&B outlet. These adventure rides are designed to have guests ride again and again to master the combination of activities. Which means they are staying, playing and spending at your park.

Breaking waves with surf rides Over the past decade, sheet wave technology and surf waves have taken the waterpark industry by storm. Due to increased demand of these surfing attractions, the industry has developed skill-based surfing rides such as boogie boarding surf rides, deep-flow surf attractions, surf and swim hybrid attractions and signature attractions like the FlowRider, which allow parks to bring a real-world surfing experience to guests anywhere in the world. Surf rides provide both first-time surfers and long-time

enthusiasts with a challenging skill-based experience, as the sport’s never-ending learning curve forever challenges boarders to develop new tricks and perfect their art of surfing. Another twist in the surf ride arena is the introduction

of the world’s first dual purpose recreational wave pool and boogie boarding surf ride like ADG’s Breaker Beach ride located at water World in CO. Built in 2016, these perfectly sized and timed breaking waves allow guests to launch two-at-a-time from a unique center peninsula and ride a boogie board the entire length of the pool, similar


beyond the edge of the pool.

to catching waves out in the ocean and riding them onto shore. With dual purpose, surf and swim capabilities, this ride is a home run for capacity. Surfing attractions not only draw surf-enthusiasts but

they also attracts spectators. Watching others in action is a fun and social event, providing additional revenue- generating opportunities from spectators including food and beverage sales, retail sales, and event sponsorships.

Custom creations Every water park is different and everyone’s business goals for an expansion are different. Whether the purpose be to drive capacity, increase throughput, set a point of differentiation, drive length of stay, or generate additional revenue from food and beverage sales, each water ride attraction should be tailored to your property. When choosing your supplier look for a company that

can look beyond the edge of the pool to find the right attraction and design for your project goals. Whether this be curving the pool, providing a dual-purpose attraction option, or custom fitting two attractions into one, a qualified supplier can create a custom water ride just for you. “It’s our real-world experience as builders, engineers

and manufacturers that allow us to develop custom and improved water ride experiences to truly meet the ever- changing needs in our industry,” says Jim Dunn, president of Aquatic Development Group.

Innovation and the park experience Thanks to recent developments in wave system configurations and advancing technologies, new wave- based attractions have evolved to meet the industry’s needs for marketability, differentiation, guest experience and increase throughput and capacity. These new water ride attractions: wave pool rides, river rides, surf rides, adventure rides, kids rides and custom creation rides are delivered within a similar footprint to that of a slide complex and create a new alternative for future water park expansions. These water ride attractions not only satisfy the operator’s demands but also indulge guests with less time in a line and more time spent on-water fun.

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