incorporate learning, adventure and fun all part of the offering. In addition, we have worked really closely with a local foundation called Work-Wise which is an employer inspired and led initiative for engineering, manufacturing, technology and related sectors to support the development of children and young people so they have the knowledge, skills, aptitude and opportunities for employment. We have lots planned in the pipeline with them so it is exciting to think of the wider benefits Gulliver’s Valley will bring alongside family fund days out and short breaks.

 We have a variety of restaurants and  range of children’s and adult meal options, from fresh sandwiches to packed lunches, burgers, pizzas and more.

However, one of the main fallouts from Covid-19 has been the fact that we are unable to offer the bigger, more interactive dining experiences that we had planned to initially. For example, our Lilliput Theatre Restaurant is built to house cabaret-style shows during dinner, as well as interactive character dining experiences, too, but this just isn’t possible yet, in today’s climate. Once it is, we are confident it will be a really popular part of our guests’ experience at the park.

We also have a gift shop on site, which has

been adapted to allow for social distancing, selling everything from ponchos to sweet treats for guests to take home with them.

 from the surge in staycations? We have 28 accommodation units here at Gulliver’s Valley, with hotel rooms and lodges available. However, we had not planned to release all of these rooms from the outset. With the staycation market booming at present, it was a choice we made and one that is proving popular so far.

Rides and attractions

The park is following the relevant government guidelines with regards to social distancing so not all the attractions outlined below, mainly those indoors, are open, at present.

The Lost World Area Gulliver’s Valley guests can explore the wonders of the Lost World and discover more than 40 tail-thrashing dinosaurs. Dig for fossils and look out for extraordinarily life- like dinosaurs that will be roaming the park at special times throughout the day. That’s not all, the centrepiece of this Jurassic area features T-Rex Tower, a 11m tall, 50m long double waterslide. Gulliver’s giant T-Rex will be standing guard as you race your friends and family to the finish line.

Western World On the edge of Gulliver’s Valley Theme Park sits a wild western themed area. Here you can walk through a reconstruction of a wild west street complete with individual play areas. Drop by the blacksmiths, bank, and

jail house to enjoy a fully immersive western experience. Continue the adventure and take a ride on Apache Falls. This rip-roaring water ride is designed to make a splash and provide plenty of thrills throughout its elevated course. In addition, on Desperado Drop you an experience the best views around. This is a 12m drop tower that will give you a spectacular view of Gulliver’s Valley before a thrilling drop.

Smugglers Wharf

You don’t need to hit the high seas to experience a nautical adventure. Inspired by pirates and swashbuckling tales, Smugglers Wharf contains a classic pirate ship ride called the Ghostly Galleon. Pirate Percy will no doubt be making special appearances at Smugglers Wharf as he searches for his buried treasure. On Blackbeard’s Barrels, guests will be able to choose their own barrel for some serious spinning action.


The whole family can enjoy the delights of Toyland with a number of rides and attractions that younger kids can experience. This outdoor area includes family favourites

There will also be special appearances

from the Clangers, Tiny and Small and our famous Chuckle Street will be unveiled later this year for visitors to enjoy.

The educational

aspect of Gulliver’s Valley is incredibly important to us.

such as the iconic ferris wheel. Toyland is bright, bold and most of all, plenty of fun. Pick your elephant and take flight with the Jumbo Jetters gentle theme park ride. Perfect for younger children not quite ready for the slightly bigger rides.

Build Zone Discover Gulliver’s fully operational yellow diggers in this construction themed area. Build Zone features full-sized diggers that children and adults alike can enjoy. Work as a family to dig, build and create.

Gully Town Gully Town is the heart of Gulliver’s huge indoor complex. This expansive area includes multiple play zones and attractions that are perfect for children aged 5 and under. Preschoolers will be able to explore brilliantly themed attractions such as Gully’s Garage and the Animal Hospital.



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