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with their family on the lounge chairs or surrounding cabanas. But how has this water park staple, the wave

pool, transformed over the last 50 years with creative advancement in shapes, configurations and performance? New ground-breaking twists have led to the creation of

wave pools for guests of all ages and thrill-seeking levels. Wave pool rides ranging from split beach, dual beach, high performance, boogie boarding and surf pools, and kid- friendly wave pools are just some of the ways wave pools have evolved to provide a differentiating experience for a high volume of guests. New Dual Beach/Dual Entry Wave Pools, like Aquatic

Development Group’s (ADG) Twin Tides, are as unique looking as they are to experience, with a shallow depth and diamond wave patterns that allows guests to use the entire pool, traversing all the way from one end to the other. And with no “dead space,” twice the usable area, and twice the beach, capacity is virtually double that of a traditional wave pool. Other advanced features of this pool include the ability to create the waves with no equipment in the water and the ability to locate the control access panel away from the pool which provides for greater flexibility in placement for small footprints. Recreational Wave Pools continue to evolve with bigger,

better formed waves that are produced in more efficient and cost-effective ways. ADG uses staggered caisson configurations in its designs, and often builds in larger break zone areas for more in-water action, and fanned beaches or dual beaches for more out-of-water relaxation. From pools that can produce large high-performance waves up to six or eight feet (1.8 or 2.4 m) high with the ability to hold a mass capacity of patrons, to mini-sized two foot toddler pools with 18 inch (46 cm) waves, mini-break zones, and sidewall seating for adults, today’s top wave engineers are designing and building wave pools that can meet virtually any need. “Our 1.8 million gallon (6.8 million liter) high

performance Thunder Bay wave pool is powered by WaveTek technology and is a crowd pleasing, signature water ride attraction at our park due to the big, ocean- style waves it produces,” explained Joann Cortez of Water World, Denver, Colorado. “It keeps guests situated in the vicinity all day long which has greatly benefitted our incidental revenues at the adjacent store and concession areas!”

Not so “lazy” river Using the latest in wave and propulsion technology, action and adventure rivers are taking center stage and transforming the typical river ride experience into a fast, fun and thrilling attraction that will keep guests riding over and over again. Innovation in river rides has developed through the

creative utilisation of in-water effects and technologies to create fast action swim rivers, wave powered rivers, adventure rivers, tidal wave rivers, twin dual rivers and more! These rides are designed for thrilling and exciting water ride experience for guest of all ages. With multiple entry points and exits, river rides virtually

eliminate the need for a line, which means higher capacity, faster throughput, and an overall excellent guest experience. From fast action to gentle rolling surf, industry visionaries have combined technical engineering

SUMMER 2020 43

and design to keep guests actively engaged and having fun. “Increasing our water element is something we’ve

been looking at for a long time for our guests on those hot summer days,” said Chris Nicoli, brand manager of Canobie Lake Park, Salem, New Hampshire. “With a wide beachfront area for chairs, high ride volume and no lines, our Tidal River expansion at Canobie Lake Park gave us exactly the capacity and throughput we were looking for in a new attraction. The new ride maximised our capacity in a relatively small footprint and with room for F&B - this ride really delivered!”

Toddler-sized fun Active and passive play features come together in these unique kid-focused, family-centric, shallow-depth multi wave pool series of attractions. With small sized waves throughout, kids can jump, play, and splash the time away while parents watch from the comfort of wide, low-set seating that intersects throughout the entire ride creating the perfect ocean oasis, designed for kid sized fun and adult sized comfort. The most forward thinking of these types of attractions,

include extras such as side walls with built-in seating areas that extend throughout the length of the attraction. Not only does this provide easier accessibility to children at multiple points throughout the attraction, the more comfortable setting encourages families to stay and play longer, thereby enhancing the overall experience and time on premise.


Aquatic Development Group (ADG) is one of North America’s most respected designer and builders of water parks and water ride attractions. For over 50 years ADG has been providing design/build and equipment services to more than 4,000 aquatic facilities worldwide. ADG has installed more than 90% of all wave systems in the U.S. with their patented WaveTek technology and has provided design/build and equipment services to more than 4,000 public, scholastic, resort and amusement facilities worldwide, winning numerous IAPPA Brass Ring and WWA Leading Edge Awards.

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