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Virtual event announced for

Park World Excellence Awards


Eligibility period and entry deadline extended to enable more participants Richard Pawley, director of operations for rides and safety, VTP

he Park World Excellence Awards will not take place in London

this September. While the UK government has provisionally stated that business events, conferences and trade shows may

resume from 1 October, after much careful consideration Park World magazine publisher Datateam Business Media has decided not the Awards in its traditional to move the event

format. Instead, it

professionals to participate. The first virtual Park World Excellence Awards ceremony will be

hosted on the dedicated awards website on Tuesday 8 December 2020. With many parks having faced delayed openings due to the pandemic,

the eligibility period for operators, manufacturers, suppliers to host

Global Holdings and Park World Excellence Awards judge, agreed: “It

is important is excited to reveal plans to a digital platform for 2020 – enabling even more for us park people in this dark time of our operation

to participate in the above awards. This helps in protecting jobs, keeps our economy moving and hopefully brings us back to a normal situation for 2021. “We have to remember to keep people safe and I appreciate there technical

are a lot of issues but with our passion for our industry we

can again bring the illusion the fantasy and the magic back within our operations. This is why I ask you to participate with the passion we have for our industry. To nominate yourselves for the above awards. I

think everyone who nominates or participates in these awards

has been extended to 31 August while the deadline for entries is now 30 September. Renowned industry journalist and Park World Excellence Awards

judge, Francois Mayne said: “This global pandemic is certainly affecting our industry in a spectacular way, but

that has not prevented

a large majority of operators, manufacturers and suppliers from setting up their projects to the end. And that’s because our industry is strong and resilient no matter what. We have to acknowledge the tremendous work they have done to keep their business to the top despite the situation. That’s why I’m happy that Park World has decided to maintain the 2020 edition of event will once again celebrate the best of

this year is a winner. As a judge to seeing those magnificent efforts that you are all out

there trying to achieve, not operators but also for our manufactures, and that

just I

Judge Marcus Gaines of Ride and Park Media said: “With the

worldwide crisis, now more than ever is the time to recognise the successes and triumphs of

those striving hard to offer millions of

guests a safe and fun day out. 2020 hasn’t been an easy for anyone, but

it’s important

their Excellence Awards. This the best

to take a moment to celebrate the work that has

gone in to overcoming the challenges and to give the entire industry a pat on the back. “I’m proud to be a judge once more, helping to champion the

in our industry in attraction industry and to give thanks to all

the EMEA region, and bring that positive twist we all need after what we have been through!”

is vitally important that those pouring blood sweat

and tears into making people smile.” Event director, Paul Ryder said: “Despite the difficulties faced this year, we think it

the industry has still has the

opportunity to celebrate everything it has achieved since the 2019 edition of The Park World Excellence Awards. With the eligibility period now spanning 13 months (1 July 2019 – 30 August 2020), we hope all of

the new rides, attractions and events that we saw before the

pandemic are reflected in this year’s award entries, along with openings that have taken place since. “ He continued: “Although we may have been able to host a physical

awards ceremony after 1 October, our main concern is the health and safety of our guests and the need for them to be able to plan ahead. When the Park World Excellence Awards returns next year, only be enhanced with many of virtual event.

it will the digital us in this endeavour” features seen in this year’s I’d like to thank all of our 2020 sponsors for supporting

for ourselves as thank you for.”



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