Avalaunch watercoaster first of its kind

Those who love the thrills and excitement of rollers coasters and waterslides are going to want to hit the new Soaky Mountain Waterpark to check out the first of its kind Avalaunch Watercoaster. “ProSlide, the creator of this slide,

Regent III with Park Royal Vehicles Bodywork, which in its day, was double decker bus for the London Transit System. It will now be home to Tacolicious, serving up Mexican favorites on the bottom level, and on the upper level will be seating overlooking the waterpark and the Smoky Mountains. The truck will be located next to Black Bear Rapids. The other truck was purchased in Illinois and is now going to be home to the Rolly Macaroni food and beverage outlet, which will be serving up all sorts of mac and cheese with unique twists. It will be located by Soaky Surge. Dunn recalls several challenges that were faced and overcame throughout this project, beginning with the site. “From the entry point to the furthest part of the waterpark, there is a 100-feet (30 m) of elevation and the site was composed primarily of shale rock. ADG had to blast and move 750,000 yards of earth prior to construction. In order to preserve and showcase the unique elevation grade, ADG wanted to use a creative design approach to build the amenities and attractions into the elevation without just flattening it. In addition, throughout construction there were 60 days of complete wash out days, meaning construction crews were unable to use heavy machinery for two full months of project construction.” “ADG has done a fantastic job at Soaky Mountain from design through construction,” says Frank Powers, Project Manager Soaky Mountain, “Talented team with industry insight. Clearly the industry leader.”


has really outdone themselves with this unbelievably thrilling attraction,” notes general manager Dave Andrews. It combines a RocketBLAST watercoaster with four FlyingSAUCER high-speed turns and a massive sweeping TornadoWAVE finish. The excitement and anticipation of this breathtaking ride are definitely not for the faint at heart.” Riders begin this unique watercoaster

experience by looking down the entire length of the intimidating ride before sitting in a “boat.” Once launched, the coaster immediately accelerates into a left-hand turn that gains speed and whips into the first FlyingSAUCER. There, riders experience a feeling similar to that of a giant slalom ski turn as the “boat” accelerates through a steep, high-speed turn giving the feeling of G-forces pulling them around the curve. The ride is then momentarily enclosed.

when the “boat” emerges, riders get a sneak peak of the quickly approaching initial RocketBLAST watercoaster booster. Blasting water jets propel riders down a quick drop into the valley before they gain even more speed and are propelled uphill and over the crest only to face

another FlyingSAUCER back-to-back combo. It is here that riders feel the heightened acceleration from left then into right all while continuing to gain speed. There are four FlyingSAUCER high-speed turns and a massive sweeping TornadoWAVE finish. The watercoaster’s momentum is

further enhanced as riders are propelled upwards again with the RocketBLAST water jets propelling them into the “camel bump,” where two BLASTS are sequenced one right after one another. This gives the riders the brief feeling of weightlessness over the “hump,” and then another boost of speed and energy as they crest the top into the fourth and final FlyingSAUCER. Again, the riders accelerate through the compound curve and feel centrifugal forces along the outer wall as they drop and dive through the turn to the final RocketBLAST that propels them into an enclosed part of the ride with a tight right turn giving the feeling that the ride is about to end. However, once they emerge from the

turn, they immediately see a drop into the 60 foot (18 m) TornadoWAVE in which they gain speed towards the in-run sweeping across the top of the curved wall experiencing near weightlessness into a free-fall towards the transition to the end of the ride into a ProSlide Prosplash.


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