Ticketing & Capacity Management – Part 2

Tap into unrealised revenue

In part two of our focus on ticketing and capacity management, accesso CEO, Steve Brown looks at how to meet the needs of the modern consumer safely and effectively

e Steve Brown It’s import-

ant to remember that the profile of a “modern consumer” has evolved rapidly this year.

Commerce has always been the way of the future, and we have seen great strides on behalf

of operators across all markets toward establishing a comprehensive online presence, even prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Now, with contactless options moving beyond “convenient” to “essential,” it’s more important than ever that operators place keen focus on not only having an eCommerce store, but also developing one that meets the needs and expectations of the modern consumer. It’s important to remember that the profile of a

“modern consumer” has evolved rapidly this year. In the age of COVID-19 and physical distancing, consumers of all types and generations have tapped into the convenience of mobile ordering as online shopping quickly became the new norm. As consumers begin to plan out their next getaway, it’s crucial that your online platform be on par with the convenient, intuitive offerings to which consumers have become accustomed. Otherwise, you risk presenting your potential guest with a jarring online shopping experience that could make or break their engagement with your brand. As we watch ticketing and eCommerce merge

together in a more natural and widespread way than ever before, operators have the opportunity to explore the various ways in which the right eCommerce solution can benefit them, including unlocking additional revenue sources and enhancing the pre- visit and on-site experience for their guests.


For example, with the accesso Passport online ticketing solution, operators can offer dynamic, personalised up-sell, cross-sell and quick-sell opportunities for online shoppers. In doing so, they can tap into unrealised revenue while taking the first step in serving as their guest’s guide as they begin to plan their journey. Enhanced ticketing and eCommerce solutions are

just a couple of the technologies we’re seeing take center stage during these times, perhaps earlier than previously expected. Both are now essential pieces of the operational puzzle, rather than potential moves to consider down the road. From a broader perspective as it relates to guest

entry, technology will be key in helping avoid bottlenecking at the gate. Operators can enhance their eCommerce offerings to allow for time- and date-specific, reservation-style ticketing. We’re seeing the application of technologies that previously catered to small- and midsised venues – where capacity management has always been part of the operational routine – to much larger, general admission venues (that are used to operating at virtually unlimited capacity), to help better manage guest admission and flow.

Timed tickets/staggered entry Strategically enhanced ticketing and staggered entry will play a great role in bolstering efforts to keep guests safe, from the moment they approach the gate


Credit: accesso

Credit: Holiday World

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