How does Gulliver’s Valley complement –   Our inspiration behind the design of Gulliver’s Valley was always centred around how much space we had here in Rotherham. It has given us huge scope with regards to the overall layout and the rides and attractions we have chosen. We’ve taken a little bit of everything from our other parks and really been able to go to town with it here. Gulliver’s Valley has been a great park to create

and we’ve kept to our family values throughout. It is a great addition to the Gulliver’s family of resorts and we’re so pleased to be able to now show it off!

What is your target market and  In terms of age range, the park is aimed at families with children aged two to 12-years-old. Geographically, the surrounding area of South Yorkshire - Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley – is incredibly important to us. But we also want to capture North East Derbyshire around Chesterfield and Clay Cross. We also see West Yorkshire leading up into North Yorkshire and the North East of England as a key target area for us as Gulliver’s Valley has excellent transport links to those areas.

Did you face any challenges in the construction phase and how did you  It’s fair to say that when we set out to create Gulliver’s Valley, we didn’t ever expect to be faced with the challenge of a global pandemic! The arrival of coronavirus changed everything. We had to adapt fast and use our strengths as a family, with decades of experience in this industry, to be nimble and to rise to the challenge. We’ve had to learn to be very creative and come up with new solutions to problems we didn’t ever expect to encounter. Also, we faced problems with the weather. Be it

torrential rain and flooding, or scorching heatwaves, 2020 has certainly thrown a lot at us but we got on with it, pulled together as a team, and here we are today – with Gulliver’s Valley open and welcoming guests.

 It goes without saying that the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the whole country has been enormously difficult - and that has been no different for us here at Gulliver’s.

We had to make the very hard decision to delay our opening which was planned for early-June and, as a family-run business and a close-knit team, the uncertainty and ever-changing situation around us was very difficult to deal with.

However, we rose to the challenge – and we continue to do so every day. When the country came to a standstill, we did whatever we could to keep working hard behind the scenes, creating different ways of delivering great experiences that fully adhere to social distancing guidelines, as well as building


on the measures we have already developed, so we could continue to provide safe and enjoyable family days out. It’s been tough but the feeling when we finally

opened the gates on the 11th July was fantastic. We have had to reduce capacity in order to maintain distancing within the park, but tickets are selling fast, selling out most days already.

What measures do you have in place to  A number of additional safety measures have been made to the park in response to the pandemic, including temperature checks on arrival, mandatory advanced booking, contactless entry, social distancing measures and a food pre-ordering system. All guests over the age of three are required to wear face coverings on rides and the park will also be operating on a limited capacity, with pre-booked slots only, to adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines.

Accessibility is important to you as a park,  Accessibility is incredibly important to us at Gulliver’s. We pride ourselves on offering accessible facilities throughout the site, from accessible accommodation options to parking, wheelchair hire, a 12sqm changing area and a handheld guide for guests with special needs. We are also underway with the creation of a Changing Places toilet facility. However, we know there is always room to do more and so we are working closely with local charities to explore new ways to improve our accessibility offering wherever possible.

  The educational aspect of Gulliver’s Valley is incredibly important to us. When fully operational, we will be providing school residentials and visits that


In terms of age

range, the park is aimed at families with children aged two to 12-years-old.

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