The park reopening plan, which the company

developed with its epidemiologist consultants, is said to meet or exceeds federal, state, and local guidelines. It sets standards for executing at the highest levels of hygiene and social distancing protocols. Health screenings for guests and team members

will include contactless IR thermal imaging. It will be used to screen temperatures of guests and employees prior to entry, and individuals will be asked if they are healthy and will be required to acknowledge the company’s health policies. All guests over the age of two and all team members will be required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth throughout their visit/working day. Accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis for persons with disabilities, health concerns, religious restrictions, or other circumstances that in Six Flags’ discretion warrant a modifi cation of this face mask requirement. Any guest without a mask will be able to purchase one at the front gate. Strictly enforced social distancing will be aided by

easy to identify distance markers. These will be added in all park entry, ride, restroom, retail locations, and dining queue lines. Dining areas will be adjusted to allow ample space between seated parties. Guests will be separated by empty rows and/or seats on all roller coasters, rides, and attractions. Six-foot viewing areas will be marked for guests to observe game play. Arcade games will be reconfi gured or deactivated to comply with social distancing requirements. Advanced security screenings will enable touchless bag checks. Capacity at indoor venues will be reduced to meet social distancing requirements, and guests viewing outdoor entertainment will be separated by at least six feet.

Enhanced Sanitisation Extensive sanitisation and disinfecting protocols have been adopted. Trained and dedicated cleaning teams have been put in place. Increased sanitisation and disinfecting of high touch points including all public seating, tabletops, counters, doors, and trash cans will occur frequently. Rides, restraints, and handrails will be cleaned throughout the day. Restroom staff will be stationed to disinfect each stall and sink area on a frequent basis. Multiple handwashing and alcohol-based hand-sanitiser stations will be located throughout the park, and all team member work areas will be regularly sanitised and disinfected. Sanitised food preparation and service will be

implemented. Modifi ed menus and implementation of mobile food ordering will help facilitate touchless transactions. Self-service buffets and salad bars will be reconfi gured to eliminate guest contact with food. Condiments, self-serve cutlery, and napkins will be provided to guests with their meals as required. Beverages will be served by attendants, and guests will receive any drink bottle refi lls in a paper cup each time they refi ll.

Commercial-grade cleaning equipment and supplies will be provided. All employees will be issued Team Member Action Packs which will include a safety face mask, safety glasses, and disposable gloves. Low pressure backpack sprayers will be

JUNE 2020 43

utilised for disinfecting large areas. Abundant supplies of sanitisers and disinfectants will be available. Microfi ber cloths will be used to sanitize surfaces, and queue line supplies, fencing, and tents will be in place to promote safe social distancing. Multi-layered guest and team member

communication is planned. Frontline team members will go through extensive COVID-19 training. Safety messaging and reminders on Six Flags’ website, newsletters, in-park announcements, and recorded phone messages will occur frequently. Distance markers and physical distance indicators will be in place. Informational safety signage is posted throughout the park, and handouts outlining guest screening processes and safety procedures will be distributed at the Toll Plaza. A park reservations system will be in place to

manage attendance. Frontier City will be operating under state and local guidelines for crowd capacity limits. The park has established attendance caps that will be well below the park’s theoretical capacity in order to allow for proper social distancing. All Members, Season Pass holders and all guests with a single-day or group ticket will need to make a reservation at www.sixfl

We have

developed a comprehensive re-opening safety plan that includes best practices from theme park and waterpark industry experts, along with top destination parks from around the world, which will allow guests to experience our parks in the safest possible way.

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