Pixar characters. The parade’s costume design draws inspiration directly from modern catwalks, making each costume look fashion-forward, yet uniquely Disney. Many performers and characters in “Magic Happens” don all- new costumes, specifically made for this parade.

Pet pig While the music and stories seen in “Magic Happens” are rooted in iconic Disney lore, the soundtrack and choreography are heavily influenced by today’s pop culture designers, putting a contemporary spin on the classic Disney hits. “Magic Happens” features an energetic musical score and new songs, co-composed by singer-songwriter, Todrick Hall. “This is a full circle moment for me,” admits Hall, who

began his career at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida as a performer in ‘Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage.’ “I learned how to dance from watching Disney parades, so the fact that I am getting to create the music that these iconic Disney characters are going to be performing to is pretty much the most epic thing that has happened to me in my life!” The parade features distinct stories with a mix of

characters, making it feel contemporary and classic, fun and regal, and surprising and familiar – all at the same time. Here are some of the highlights of the all-new “Magic Happens” parade: Mickey Mouse leads the way, gliding along on

glistening swirls of magic emanating from a giant, iridescent magical hat. Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Chip ‘n Dale join in, dancing along with a group of eclectic and artsy performers representing stylised aspects of magic. On her voyager canoe, Moana journeys forth on the

crest of a towering wave, inspired by beautiful koa wood carvings, and inset with dazzling, animated glimpses into the magic the ocean holds. This is the first full-scale “Moana”-inspired float to be created for a Disney park. Joining Moana on her journey is Maui, who travels

along on his own magical piece of the islands with Moana’s adorable pet pig, Pua. Maui made his official Disneyland Resort debut in “Magic Happens.”

Flowers and frogs Miguel appears in person for the first time, celebrating the magic that happens when he strums the guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz in the Disney and Pixar film “Coco.” This spectacular float connects the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead with a vibrant marigold bridge, and


fantastical alebrije spirit animals join the procession, along with Miguel’s dog Dante. This is the first time the film “Coco” has inspired a float for a Disney Parks parade. From “Frozen 2,” Anna and Elsa explore the mysteries

of the Enchanted Forest protected by the Nokk, the mystical water spirit, as their friends Kristoff, Sven and Olaf tag along. The regal grand finale of “Magic Happens” celebrates

moments from several classic Disney stories. The start of the finale brings together a collection of many iconic magical characters, including Genie, Aladdin, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Blue Fairy, Pinocchio and Fairy Godmother. These characters lead the way as more floats are introduced, each highlighting the moments of magic that changed the characters’ lives: From “Cinderella,” guests watch the moment of

“Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” as Cinderella is seen inside a grand pumpkin, just as it magically transforms into a glistening carriage to whisk her off to the ball. From “The Sword in the Stone,” Merlin wisely leads the

way for young Arthur, who finds the magic within himself as he pulls the sword from the stone, claiming his place upon the throne. Tiana and Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog”

are seen amidst a swirl of golden flowers where they share a kiss, completing their transformation back into human forms. The happily-ever-after scene from “Sleeping Beauty”

features the three good fairies and Princess Aurora, whose gown shimmers between hues of pink and blue.

JUNE 2020

I learned

how to dance from watching Disney parades, so the fact that I am getting to create the music that these iconic Disney characters are going to be performing to is pretty much the most epic thing that has happened to me in my life!

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