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Standard Method • Start with a visual check on all components. • Ensure that all parts are free of detritus and other debris.

• Use a sanitizing wet wipe over any area that touches hands, face, or body.

• If you are using haptic vests, only wipe the outside and parts that were touched by clients. The inside liners should be washed regularly.

• Allow the component to sit and air dry for at least 30 seconds, or until fully dry.

• If any areas remain wet, dry wipe with a soft single- use tissue. Gently dry wipe lenses. Check that all areas are clean and dry.

Advanced Method If you want to add an extra layer of protection for your customers, Hologate recommends medical-grade Ultraviolet C light sanitisation as the ideal technology for an added line of defense against various viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Hologate has announced its partnership with Cleanbox, a leading manufacturer of premium, eco-friendly, medical grade, Ultraviolet-C cleaning equipment for the decontamination of VR headsets. Founded in 2018, California-based Cleanbox

Technology, Inc. is a premium, eco-friendly smart tech hygiene company, specialising in the UVC decontamination of hard-to-clean products that sit on the face or head, in proximity to high-risk contagion transfer points of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cleanbox’s patented products use UVC light in an LED, providing safe, hospital-grade decontamination without the need for chemicals, heat, or liquids. Cleanbox products are designed for head-mounted displays (HMDs), surgical and protective masks, eyewear, personal electronics (headphones, phone, tablet, pager), and accessories (keys, earbuds, controllers, gloves). Products have been independently proven to kill 99.99+% viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

3. Additional supplies Ensuring you have additional supplies of the following means added peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Sanitizing Wipes: Having an ample supply of sanitizing wipes should be on your checklist and should be made a priority for your location. Disposable VR Mask Covers:

Having a supply of

disposal VR mask covers is recommended for players that might be hesitant to put a headset directly on their face. These are especially recommended for players wearing heavy makeup - these masks will help protect your headsets from heavy residue. Please note that these masks can impair the view and comfort of players and Hologate recommends only using them in special cases. It is also important to note that this option should not replace the Standard or Advanced cleaning methods.

4. Perception AND visible action is everything Post coronavirus, it is imperative to instill the confidence that everything is being done for your customers’ health and safety. You will need to make sure that your staff understands that constantly cleaning and disinfecting is now one of their top priorities, and it will be everyone’s responsibility to ensure the new standards and guidelines you set for your location are being followed. Perception is everything and confidence can be gained through actions that are visible. Staff should be diligent and highly visible by your

customers when disinfecting your attractions between uses. Hologate recommends assigning staff to scheduled cleaning shifts that occur daily, every hour on the hour, in heavily trafficked areas. You shoud also place customer anti-bacterial dispenser and/or disinfectant wipe stations throughout your facility, ensuring that they are visible and conveniently accessed. Be sure to take photos and video of your team in

action and post on your social media channels to let everyone know what you are doing. Word of your company’s care and conscientiousness that you’re ensuring your location is a safe place for friends and families will spread through resharing and word-of- mouth, and will play a vital part in building customer confidence and ensuring visitors respond by returning to the fun once again. Post Coronavirus, we must accept the reality that

we will be unable to operate as we have before. Cleanliness and disinfection will have to become paramount to customers’ confidence in their enjoyment of attractions and location-based entertainment.

JUNE 2020

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         


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