Park Update

Update! Efteling opens new ride, Max & Moritz

New family roller coaster offers exciting rides through an Alpine landscape. On 20 June, Efteling – opened its new

told Park World: “Our guests have been incredibly supportive and respectful of the new measures. Our survey from testing days demonstrated that guests felt safe, found that the new measures have been communicated clearly and appreciate Efteling’s new hygiene measures. We of course continue to monitor these measures and strive to improve each day by continuing to ask visitors for feedback on their experience at Efteling.” Normally, Efteling is open 365 days a year. “For this

reason, it was always important to have an idea of when we might be able to return after our temporary closure – both for our employees and our guests,” said Fons. Although there was a delay to the season, Efteling continued to be active on its social channels by asking what people would like to see from the park while staying at home. “For instance, we created ways for guests to experience Efteling virtually. It was important to keep the momentum going so that people are excited to visit again when they can.” For Efteling and parks the world over, it’s not

strictly a case of business as usual. “Due to the current circumstances, we are aiming for 1/3 of our usual capacity to ensure we can maintain the correct social distance for each guest. Guests must make reservations for a time slot for the park visit and book online in advance for us to ensure that safety is guaranteed. “We’re also constantly working towards ways in

which we can resume our shows whilst preserving social distance and safety measures. As from July 4th Raveleijn will be shown again in a shorter and modifi ed form. Also, the Aquanura water show will resume after maintenance work. It will have multiple shows per day from June 13th, due to the adjusted capacity. Waiting areas where households can view the show will be created.” Commenting on how long it might take the industry

to recover from the social and economic impact of the pandemic, Fons told us: “We hope that by later this year or early next year things will have settled. Our main priority is the safety of our guests and employees and so we will continue to keep the safety and social distance measure in place as long as we need to ensure everyone remains safe.” 

JUNE 2020 33

attraction Max & Moritz to the public. The ride is geared towards children aged between 4 and 10 years old, from 1 metre in height, but is also suitable for the whole family. This so called ‘powered’ coaster adds another adventure to Efteling’s varied attraction offering. Efteling’s CEO Fons Jurgens said:

“After saying goodbye to the iconic Bobsleigh ride last year, young visitors to Max & Moritz are now able to share their fi rst roller coaster experience with the whole family from tomorrow. It is a very contemporary and real Efteling ride, based on the German poem about the rascals Max and Moritz. During the ride and in the surrounding area, visitors will fi nd out about Max and Moritz’ tricks and mischief”. The whole area has been redesigned

and themed in less than a year. From Saturday, the new catering establishment at the Max & Moritz Square ‘Frau Boltes Küche’ will also open, serving French fries, snacks and chicken bites.

Double powered coaster

Max & Moritz is a double roller coaster with two tracks on which two trains ride in opposite directions and meet each other a couple of times. This powered coaster is a new type of ride for Efteling. The trains are electrically powered, so the speed can vary and gravity does not play a role. Visitors get to choose which track to ride: Max (blue) or Moritz (green). Each track has its own exciting experience with sharp curves and accelerations.

Story The new roller coaster is themed on the well-known German poem by Wilhelm Busch from 1865, Max und Moritz, about two naughty schoolboys of the same name. In Efteling, they live in a cute village with their mother Frau Schmetterling, who makes special cuckoo clocks. Her sons drive the villagers to despair with their tricks. When Frau Schmetterling locks up Max and Moritz for punishment in her cuckoo clock workshop, they try to escape with self- built soap boxes. Efteling visitors escape with them!

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