movie-like day in the park. The 45-hectare area of Movie Park is spacious enough to allow visitors to keep the necessary distance and they can spread out well within the park.”

Marketing the 2020 season, despite the  Movie Park Germany, like many parks continued to advertise the 2020 season throughout the closure period to give guests something to look forward to, while keeping guest safety at the core. “It is important to market a product that offers people distraction from their everyday lives. Due to official regulations, this can currently only go along with certain measures such as face masks or warning signs. However, it is extremely important to transport a feeling of safety within the marketing campaigns as the security and health of our guests and employees continue to be top priority. Therefore, we made sure to stick to our DNA as a movie and amusement park when implementing the officially defined measures and integrated them into our Hollywood concept. Whether floor markings, loudspeaker announcements or the interaction with walking acts such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra - everything has been implemented in keeping with our motto to make sure that our guests can still enjoy a world of fun and movies, even under the current regulations. “We can only let a restricted number of visitors in,

but we still want to make sure that we can reach our target group as effectively as possible. Thus, marketing campaigns are important for our park. They need to be very balanced, to reach higher per cap target groups as well.” Park World asks Manuel what capacity Movie Park Germany is now working at and how any losses might impact the business model in both the short and long term: “The coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses all over the worlds, and Movie Park Germany is no exception. In our case, Covid has impacted the beginning of the season with the Easter holidays, the Dutch May holidays and the Ascension weekend. “Our team members are working at full capacity and

we started off the new season with approximately 400 employees and seasonal staff. This corresponds to our normal capacity for a season opening. Additionally, we reinforced our crowd control staff and cleaning crew to implement all health and safety measures properly and in accordance with the official regulations.”

New for 2020 Due to the great success in the previous year and in close cooperation with partner Nickelodeon, Movie Park Germany decided to extend the PAW Patrol area “Adventure Bay” with a new attraction this year. With ‘Skye’s HighFlyer’, parents and children can now go on a flight mission in Adventure Bay. Manuel continues: “In general, Movie Park Germany now offers a total of three family attractions revolving around the successful children’s TV series PAW Patrol. The response to the new PAW Patrol area, which was opened last year, has been very positive so far. We were able to attract numerous families with children last year and thus directly addressed our target group.

JUNE 2020

  

Guests can also look forward to the new Halloween

season, which will include new ideas and experiences for our guests. “Generally speaking, we anticipate our rapid river

ride ‘Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forests’ to be part of our most popular attractions and Germany’s first wooden coaster ‘Bandit’, followed by the indoor coaster ‘Van Helsing’s Factory’. We have made the experience that rides without inversions and fewer thrill parts are very appreciated by our core target group consisting of families. However, Movie Park Germany positions itself as a hybrid park for the whole family including older kids as well. Therefore, our triple launch coaster “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise” is also in great demand and one of our premium attractions. It transports the visitors directly into the Star Trek universe - with authentic props and a matching storyline. As the only amusement park worldwide, Movie Park Germany offers a coaster with the official Star Trek license. “A highlight for many families is also the largest

Nickland in Europe with approximately 15 attractions. Especially the new PAW Patrol area “Adventure Bay”, which was built last year, is very popular with families and young children. We make sure to offer an balanced ride portfolio for the whole family. It is our vision to build new attractions, but we also aim to refurbish popular older rides that have become important flagships of the park and intend to give them new life to create new guest experiences.” As the conversation comes to a close Manuel tells Park

World, again without giving too much away, that the Park is already planning for 2021 and has some ideas in the pipeline: “We are currently in the technical planning phase for a major ride in 2021 for Movie Park Germany’s 25th anniversary.” We’ll bring you more on this story as we get it, in the meantime “congratulations” to Manuel and the team for a successful re-opening.

It is

important to market a product that  distraction from their everyday 

Did you know?

Movie Park Germany’s key target group is families and the park has also been named the No.1 family park in Germany by German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag and received many other awards by renowned magazines over the past few years.


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