May 2019 Live!


If your staff aren’t demonstrating and asking the customer to play around with the product, they are committing the biggest crime in retail in my opinion.

persuade them to interact with the products. That last point is really important, because right now the only way people can interact with products is to physically walk into a retail store and touch them. Which means if your staff aren’t demonstrating and asking the customer to play around with the buttons, the remote, the drum, the door, whatever, then they are committing the biggest crime in retail in my opinion. The physical experience is

valued by people of all ages and backgrounds, even those who make their purchase online. So for me, if I was planning some kind of elevated

shopping experience, a ‘retail event’ for example, the two things I would look to provide at a heightened level would be those personal and tactile experiences. I would be asking myself, what can I do that brings those two elements together in a way that makes my event memorable? Because I’d want people turning up to my event to feel something, be a part of something, value the experience and enjoy it so much that they come back for more, buy more, tweet, preach and tell more of their friends about it so that next time it’s an even bigger success. Importantly, I don’t think you should relegate the online aspect

of your business. In fact, don’t even think of the two things as separate; online and offline each can feed the other according to their strengths, which means that if you are holding a big event then it’s a great opportunity to fill your online buckets with content. However, there’s nothing to stop

you broadcasting all the good things that your bricks-and-mortar offers customers on the ‘ordinary’ days in-between, because that’s your shopping experience right there. It’s so easy and cheap now to share

rich media content online – images, videos, 360-degree walkthroughs… VR and augmented reality for those

who want to try it, even real-time HD webcam conversations with people at home. This joined-up approach could enable you to stand out from the sea of noise and show your customers what they gain by shopping with you. There’s little point to your shop

floor staff acting like e-commerce product filters, and there’s potential for your online experience to be more than just that too. However people choose to shop with you, the opportunities and the means are there to offer memorable encounters which truly differentiate the unique retail experience you can offer all your customers, both in-store and online.

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