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otpoint is a British brand with a history stretching back over 100 years. Its vast collection of laundry appliances suit a range of requirements and budgets, right from its core range to the new,

hero ActiveCare range. ActiveCare is made up of a family of three new technologies which work together to remove tough and stubborn stains: Active Mousse pre-mixes the water with the

laundry detergent, creating a mousse, which penetrates the laundry quicker than traditional cleaning methods and increases the machine’s cleaning power by up to 60 per cent at 20 degrees. The Active Drum creates 10 different motions

during a single wash cycle, each one specifically designed to treat a variety of different stains. Finally, Active Load takes care of the wash time

and how much water the washing machine uses per cycle. This helps to keep water and electricity usage to a minimum. “This range is something that we really want to

shout about,” comments Tailang Bu, Hotpoint’s Laundry Category Marketing Manager. “We are launching a national television advertising campaign to support retailers to increase footfall in store. It’s very important that retailers understand the benefits of our ActiveCare range to be able to effectively explain them to their customers. For this reason, we have prepared various point of sale material that

highlights our key messages. “Furthermore, we realise that seeing is believing,

which is why retailers also have access to training from our dedicated team. This can pay dividends in the enthusiasm it creates amongst staff and therefore more confident sales in-store.”

The bigger picture Consumers are always keen to reduce their household bills. The settings they select on their household appliances has an effect on energy and resource consumption as well as overall running costs. “Consumers may be hesitant to wash at 20

degrees due to hygiene concerns, despite the benefit of improving energy efficiency within their home,” continues Mr Bu. “Our new range dispels the myth that washing below 40 degrees is unhygienic; what’s more, the Steam Hygiene feature injects steam directly into the drum at the end of the wash cycle, removing up to 99.9 per cent of the most common bacteria.” Hotpoint has also introduced a range of ActiveCare tumble dryers. Research by the brand’s parent company, Whirlpool, found that the UK consumer favours tumble dryers that maximise softness, reduce creasing and that are easy to use with minimal programmes.

Keeping up with product development “Being part of the Whirlpool Group, our product development is a highly tuned operation and starts at least a decade in advance, led by meticulous consumer insight and knowledge.” Mr Bu says that one of the next major steps

forward for Hotpoint is to incorporate connectivity. Smart home technology has been growing in

“It’s important to move ahead with the times and follow trends, not only because of consumer desire, but also the genuine lifestyle benefits that new technology offers.” Tailang Bu, Laundry Category Marketing Manager at Hotpoint

May 2019

Appliance manufacturers are constantly innovating to keep up with consumer demand, and Hotpoint is one company that continues to move forward.

the premium sector of the market and it is now filtering down to the mass market. As a result, the Hotpoint team is working to enhance the ActiveCare laundry range with app connectivity. He adds: “It’s important to move ahead with

the times and follow trends, not only because of consumer desire, but also the genuine lifestyle benefits that new technology offers. “The laundry appliance market will see a continued trend for reducing energy and water consumption; this focus will never diminish and a continuing strategy for us in this area is important.” Tumble dryers used to be one of the most

energy inefficient appliances within the household; however, efficiency has come a long way thanks to heat pump technology. For example, Hotpoint’s ActiveCare tumble dryer (NT M11 82XB) boasts an ‘A++’ energy rating. Yet the company continues to further its refinement of this technology to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

Retail partnerships In the retail space, good displays and demonstrations are vital. Hotpoint provides retailers with a variety of information to demonstrate its laundry technology. Staff training is also important; in an effort to support the independent retailer, the manufacturer has developed an E-Learning platform, an online educational tool, which provides retailers the opportunity to refine and expand their product knowledge.

Dare to be different Interesting displays are vital in grabbing the customer’s initial attention. “Eye-catching point of sale material is always good,” Mr Bu advises. “If a customer notices something different, rather than a line of similar-looking laundry appliances, they are likely to wander over to find out more. “In addition, don’t ignore your local community

and build a relationship with local publications. For example, promote an open evening to celebrate a time of year, such as spring, with hints and tips on spring cleaning; this is a great way to talk about the latest technology and how the latest washing machines support family life.”

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