May 2019

throw console that uses a dual laser-light source to project images onto the lightweight, anti-reflective (to external light) screen. Says Mr Bhatoye: “Further enhancements of

built-in sound quality, enabled by technologies such as Dolby Atmos and voice control integration, will likely re-cement the TV as the focus of our living rooms and may reduce the need for supporting hardware, to streamline home set-ups. “Our focus in the TV market is principally dedicated to delivering the best 4K HDR experience for any given customer’s price range – and for 2019, all our 4K sets will offer HDR as standard.” There is no doubt that the Hisense brand is

reaching more UK consumers, and part of the company’s campaign has included sponsorship of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It is also partnering with the upcoming UEFA EURO 2020 as well. “We’ve experienced solid growth off the back of

that retailers have the potential to focus on targeting buyer segments, matching the right TV to individuals’ viewing tastes and habits. Things like sports, gaming and action films

content is often a measurement of TV picture quality and brands are now enabling consumers to enjoy their favourite programmes on a variety of screens. Top-end technology has, is now becoming more accessible to all consumers due to greater affordability and increased adoption.

But what’s next? Arun Bhatoye, Senior Marketing Manager at Hisense, believes the market will see a jostling for position as manufacturers try to back the next dominant TV technology, with the noise continuing

Behind the scenes

Taking a step back and looking at who actually brings today’s television content into our homes, there are a range of solutions and formats on offer, with the likes of ‘pause and play’ set top boxes aiding many people’s busy lifestyles. For the UK retail market, Humax currently manufactures a range of smart TV solutions based on the three main UK platforms, both terrestrial and satellite (Freeview Play, Freesat and YouView). The manufacturer’s flagship product is the HUMAX FVP-5000T Freeview Play Recorder, offering live TV and video on demand content as well as extensive recording capabilities. Sales Director-UK, Rob Peacock, reports that the rest of the line-up includes both receivers and hard drive recorders (PVRs). “Although the trend is moving

mo re and more towards streaming and watching on demand,” he

says, “Humax has always felt it important to offer recorders, as some content, such as sporting events, is not always available on catch-up. For content that viewers are keen to keep for longer, such as movies, concerts or favourite shows, having a hard drive recorder is essential.

to build around 8K, Micro LED screens, and further promise of greater affordability in OLED sets. The Chinese manufacturer is introducing

its OLED range of TVs to the UK market at the beginning of June, offering benefits such as deeper blacks, stronger contrast ratios and wider viewing angles, in addition to an incredibly slim design. These sit alongside the next generation of ULED technology. The company’s flagship U9A, available in 75-inch, is equipped with Ultra HD Premium,

Quantum Dot Colour, over 1,000

individually controlled dimming zones and can reach over 2,500-nit peak brightness.

For even larger screen sizes (100-inch plus), Hisense’s Laser TV aims to bring a new cinema experience to

the home, using an ultra-short

these partnerships and consideration levels have grown as consumers become increasingly used to seeing the Hisense brand. “We’re in a healthy position; distribution

has grown significantly in recent years and our TVs receive consistently strong reviews by tech tastemakers – this is very important for us as we look to build trust with our consumers. We’re now the world’s fourth largest TV brand and market leader in territories such as Australia and South Africa, so the potential for us is limitless. “Our aim in 2019 is to build on this with the

new line-up. We hope to increase our market share with the OLED addition, new screen sizes, models richer in features, and a greater selection of entry Smart TV offerings too.”


“We are always working on new developments,

but we must remember that not all consumers approach new trends in the same way. Voice capabilities are reaching maturity now, such that we can be confident of giving consumers a reliable and enjoyable experience with voice. We are extremely excited about the future. “That’s just the set top box world, however

Humax is active in many other areas, such as voice-controlled video projectors and gateways.” Humax offers many different technologies in order to cater for consumers’ various

preferences, but making sure it stays up to date with trends and delivering products that are easy to use straight out of the box is paramount, says Mr Peacock. From a purely TV perspective, the global use

of Android in TV devices is becoming increasingly popular and this type of technology in set top boxes gives a huge degree of flexibility if a consumer wants it. Home automation will play an increasingly important part of HE, as will voice. Cloud recording may even come one day, but consumers will always value ‘ownership’ of content in their home.”

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