May 2019

orientated brand with generations of cooks being brought up with a Belling appliance in the home. The 2019 collections are designed for families who want a cooker that they can rely on - one that fits their needs and offers features that actually benefit the consumer – such as 73 litre large capacity ovens for multi-meal households; easy-clean features; and tech such as the Bluetooth Zeus app that appeals to younger, busier families. Stoves is a brand that appeals to homeowners who

enjoy creating restaurant quality food at home and want products that enhance their cooking experience. The products offer true cooking benefits like multifunction ovens for greater flexibility and control in cooking and the Equiflow fan oven that ensures a consistent temperature throughout, without mixing air from different shelves and therefore preventing flavours from different dishes intermingling.

“Consumer research has shown that strong product knowledge amongst in-store staff and their ability to make recommendations based on understanding the customer’s requirements are the best ways to motivate a sale.”

Alex Hinton from Glen Dimplex Home Appliances

Q: Belling redesigned its built-in collection back in January… What was the response like across the market? AH: This re-launch followed an extensive period of consumer research and testing. The chosen aesthetic was developed in response to consumer focus groups where there was a distinct need for a built-in look that differs from the standard, Germanic look and feel, which is all too common in the UK market. Design options were presented alongside competitor products and the feedback unanimously favoured the chosen Belling design. So far, the new collection is proving to be a hit with the public and reviews have been hugely positive.

Q: How important do you think the brand’s built-in heritage is to consumers? AH: We believe heritage is very important, which is why we are always keen to communicate Belling’s rich history. Research has shown trust is a key factor to making a purchase decision, but equally consumers in this market don’t spend too much time researching - they want and need a product that will do a great job and that they can be confident in.

Q: Stoves unveiled its new built-in collection last year, but is there anything new on the horizon for this year or next year? AH: The new Stoves collection went down well with consumers and so we are expanding the product range quite extensively later this year.

Q: What are some of the benefits of built-in solutions in the kitchen? AH: Perhaps the two main attractions are aesthetics

and space-saving. The look of the kitchen is really important – it is generally the most used room in the house after all. Modern collections allow for complete co-ordination of appliances to achieve that sleek, uncluttered effect. And of course, built-in appliances offer improved flexibility in terms of layout, creating space and preserving the all-important square footage, where freestanding products do not. The other benefit is that advanced features are

almost always debuted on built-in appliances – they very much lead the way.

Q: What aspects do consumers like most? AH: Above all, design is the most important factor when choosing a new built-in cooking appliance – the features and functions are also important but generally consumers choose built-in to fit in with

their desired look and to create a coordinated look. Built-in is currently the largest cooking category

and continues to be the fastest growing. This can be attributed to a number of factors but design and flexibility are key. The addition of much larger capacity appliances – up to 80 litres on our 90cm products – gives them even greater appeal. As we know, coordinating design is very important

but there are a number of features and functions that really drive sales in this sector. Large cavity is a big trend alongside multi-function ovens, and the stylish new gas-through-glass hobs are increasingly popular. Advanced easy-clean functions, such as catalytic and pyrolytic, appeal to consumers with busy lives. But tech and connectivity options are also more in

demand – whether it is Bluetooth controls or hob-to- hood technology.

Q: How can retailers communicate all these benefits in-store? AH: We continually work with retailers to support them at every level in terms of point of sale and other materials. We offer assets to improve the in- store and online activity to ensure the brands are fully represented. We also have a dedicated ASM team that offer in-store training, as well as joint marketing initiatives, in-store display stands and POS material.

Q: What can retailers do in-store generally to best show-off the benefits of built-in products? AH: Consumer research has shown that strong product knowledge amongst in-store staff and their ability to make recommendations based on understanding the customer’s requirements are the best ways to motivate a sale. Of course, nothing beats displaying built-in appliances in actual kitchen environments. And for those retailers that have the resources to host live cook demonstrations, for example, are a brilliant way of engaging with customers. Independent retailers have the opportunity to offer

a level of knowledge and expertise to the consumer that is difficult to replicate online. Trust is hugely important, and they can build a rapport with their customers and guide them towards a product that is perfect for them.


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